Friday the 13th….I’m baaaaaack

But there will be no ROCO because I'm just not feeling it.  You may want to just skip over this post altogether because it will be full of things that I just need to get out there.

  • I believe that 3 years is a decent amount of time to give something a try.  That said, Miami sucks.  No matter what you've seen on television, that's television, and living here, well, as PittGirl would say, is church. (Thanks for the shout.)
  • Getting this piece of paper has become ridiculously important.  It signifies more knowledge, more money, and more distance between me and south Florida.
  • <sarcasm> There is nothing more encouraging than a supervisor questioning your clothing choice of the day (that has been worn on many occasion previously) and stating, with an air of hopefulness in his/her voice, that you look as though you may have an interview today.  </sarcasm>
  • I am dieting and it sucks.  Why am I dieting?  Because it is incorrect for a woman of 5 feet and 1.5 inches to weigh 140 pounds.  Three weeks in and I have lost almost 9 pounds.  That does not suck.
  • Possibly because of dieting, I have recently started forgetting things and have lost my ability to focus, even on things that I enjoy.  This is bad.
  • I now have two gray hairs.  At least they aren't visible.
  • Steve Jobs is the devil and on July 11, I will become one of his minions.
  • In four weeks and one day, I will be toasting the beginning of vacation.  Parrot Bay and mango/pineapples all around.
  • I have a book rolling around in my head and I hope to push it out soon.  It is taking up too much space.  I think it's a good I'm-on-vacation-sitting-at-the-beach/pool-and-I-want-to-read-but-not-think kind of book.
  • Is it football season yet?!?!  No?  Well, in the meantime, go Marlins, I guess.
  • Does ANYONE think that I am coherent when I write?
  • The weekend is nearly upon us and guess what fun I have in store!  Nothing like cleaning the house, eh?
  • Oh, by the way, how does one tell if one is depressed?
  • I am a crappy friend because I neglected to call one of my very best friends on his 30th birthday.  My bad, Ant.  Here's a shout out for your biz.  If you live in the New Jersey or five boroughs, you should stop by and give that a shot.  If you are female, even more so because the boys are eye candy.
  • I miss my friends who "get me" and let me be me.  True friends are still your friends the day after you DDT them onto a concrete floor in a bar in Mexico.
  • Ohhhhh, almost forgot this gem.  Kiddo's father, possibly one of THE biggest asshats moving around on two feet, had the nerve audacity balls non-functioning brain notion that I would add him as a friend on Facebook.  HAHAHAHA.  Just for kicks, I looked at his friends list.  Know what it said?  Dxxxx Kxxxxx has no friends.  Well, DUH!
  • Mmm, right.  Celebrity Circus on NBC.  I have yet to watch the full episode but from the first three acts, well, not so much.  I've seen (and taught) children to do more in a week.

You know, I've rambled on long enough regarding things that you, dear reader, aren't so interested in.  I leave you with wishes for a happy weekend.  Shyne on.

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6 thoughts on “Friday the 13th….I’m baaaaaack

  1. I thought that was coherent – but I have a jumbled mind so I don't count.Depression = suprisingly hard to tell. Until you get a diagnosis of it and get better. Then you can pretty much tell every time you relapse – though usually not till you're waaaaay in it (I just went back on meds a week ago and am feeling massively better)With the 4th act, Celebrity Circus got a little bit better, then worse, then pointless.My gray hairs have, rather suddenly, become EXTREMELY visible… despite blonde hair.I'm a woman of 5'5" who weighs about 245 lbs. That's totally normal… isn't it?!?I hope the weekend offers you some massively happy surprise!

  2. I'm guessing that, at best, or worst, depending on how you look at it, I have a mild case. It could just be location and overall situation related though. I'll mention it to my doc when I go see her next week.
    I'm going to try to watch it over the weekend. My daughter said it was just "meh" so I'm not holding my breath.
    Fortunately, the only one seeing my grays is Lovey, lol.
    You know, that was kinda asshole-y of me to say. I should have said that being that height and that weight was incorrect for ME because I was just kinda eating whatever and not working out. So, it put me in a place where I wasn't accustomed to and I didn't like it on me. YOU are totally normal!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Wow, thanks for those wishes and I hope it does too!! Have a great one yourself.

  3. Thanks, Ross. ๐Ÿ™‚
    My horrorscope said that I had too many things going on upstairs and I needed to get some of them out and oddly enough, that's true and why I decided to write today.
    You have a great weekend too!

  4. LOL – I didn't that that was asshole-y at all. I took it in the spirit was intended – cause I know 240 ain't "it's time" point for meds is when the docs politely says "how are you?" and i burst into uncontrollable tears. i hope yours is situational only – is mercury still retrograde? I'd say i don't believe it that but can't argue with the fact that this is the 2nd time voxers, women in particular, have issued a unanimous "meh" in conjunction with it.

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