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  • So are the days of our lives

    Hi all.  Long time no see. I moved. :-)  I do a better job (most of the time) at posting at my new home. Stop by for a vist, bookmark it, follow me, whatever you feel like doing.  I'll still visit here to keep up with you guys!! Read and post comments

  • Couldn’t make this up if I tried!

    Me: Send me a screenshot.User: How do I do that?Me: <eye roll> (this is a telephone conversation)Me: Press the PrintScreen buttonUser: Where is that?Me: Above the Insert buttonUser: Where is that?Me: (getting aggrivated) Next to BackspaceUser: Uhhh, insert…uhh, backspace.  Oh, F12?Me: No.  PrintScreen. To the right of F12.User: Um, ok.Me: Press that buttonUser: Nothing happened.Me:…

  • When I grow up

    After 12,905 days on The Rock, one would imagine that a "career" would have been settled on by now.  And yet, rapidly closing in on 12,906, I don't have a full-fledged plan.  Let me cruise down the halls of my memory to see the things I've wanted to be. Chemist – I think I wanted…

  • Lunch outing

    Well then.  Yesterday, as Lovey and I were enjoying our last day of a long weekend, we decided to go grab a little late lunch.  We had heard from a couple different sources about a new place that had opened up near us.  It's a sports bar which is ALWAYS good for me since you…

  • Today’s trip to CVS

    Reusable?!? And cleansing film. Hahahahaha! Yes, I'm five years old today. photo.jpg Read and post comments