The Wedding Story

It’s one week later and now that I have the photos, I can tell the story of our wedding day. 🙂 It’s going to be long, so grab a coffee or something and get comfy.

I would venture to say that I’m one of the few brides that would goof around all day and then wait until 3pm to get ready for her 4pm wedding (where we needed to meet with the planner at 5 till, lol). The majority of you reading this know that I’m not a frilly-fou-fou kind of girl, though, so 40 minutes is enough time for me to get ready.

Fortunately, MommaShyner and Kiddo were in the connecting suite so all I needed to do was just open a door. With this tag team combination, I was able to do my makeup while they tried to get my dress all trussed up in the back. Makeup application was pretty simple thanks to a quick tutorial from the color manager at Sephora before we left. Otherwise I’d really have no idea. Also, it’s Cancun and the ceremony was outside and half my face melted off anyway.

Because I do almost nothing in the normal and traditional manner, there was no big surprise for the groom to see the bride; we walked down to the ceremony together.

Sidebar: Have you seen any of the YouTube videos where the bridesmaids come dancing down the aisle? Well, apparently an older gentleman in the elevator had and he just happened to be playing “I Got A Feeling” in his iPod when we got in the elevator and he shared it with me. So of course I danced right out of the elevator!

Upon arrival at our meeting point, the photos began. The Shaman blessed us both and then we headed out to the beach.

I don’t think that the hotel was full on Saturday and there were at least two other weddings going on at the same time as ours, but we were what you might call a SHOWSTOPPER! Everyone in the bar stopped to watch. People in the pool stopped to watch. People were looking out over their balconies. I think that we had the smallest huge wedding ever.

Everyone removed their shoes and stood outside of our circle for the beginning of the ceremony. There were more blessings given to each the north, south, east and west for health, prosperity, love and other good stuff.

Part of what I really loved about this ceremony is that while everyone was gathered around and could hear most of it, there were parts that were only for the ears of the Shaman and the happy couple. A touch of privacy even in the midst of all of our family and friends.

The Mayan dancers performed two celebratory dances that were just beautiful. Everyone came into the circle to share in the fruit tarts and the tequila to celebrate the union. I know I’m skipping over things but the pictures (and the 130 more to come) really tell the story.

When we came back in from the beach, we had applause from everywhere. It was really awesome to have complete strangers share in our happiness. For the next 2 or 3 days, we were constantly being approached about the wedding. Another couple went to our wedding planner and wanted to have the same ceremony the NEXT DAY!! She wasn’t able to do it on Sunday, but they did have it on Monday.

There was a gazebo on the beach that overlooked our ceremony. In it, another wedding was going on. The groom from that wedding complimented me on ours. He said, “We just had a plain old Catholic ceremony. Yours was really fantastic.” I’m pretty sure that I knew from the start that I had made the right choice with this ceremony, but that sealed it. Also, other brides were shooting me the daggers but hey, I didn’t come all the way to Mexico to do a wedding I could’ve done at home.

So, you know how I love Mexico and all things Mexican. Well, my new brother-in-law (Lovey’s sister’s husband) pulled some strings and got us mariachis at the reception. Yup, I pretty much was crying again. I just don’t have words for how much I enjoyed this, but you should just know when I run out of words, it must’ve been a sight to see.

And that’s it in a nutshell. I’ll post more as I think of it and there’s still the rest of the trip to talk about, but that’s for later. I have to go enjoy our last day of living it up. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Talk to you soon.

Cancun – Days 1 and 2

For the sake of your eyes, I’ll break this up into smaller pieces rather than my typical rambling. The 1230 crew arrived on time and unscathed at the Cancun airport at about 1 or so on Thursday. As is usual, I suppose, we spent a good long time getting through both immigration and customs. Once we made it, our ride to the hotel was waiting. It took approximately 35 minutes to get to the hotel since we had to drop folks off at their hotels first.

First impression of the hotel? Un. Bee. Leave. A. Bull. OMG. It’s just gorgeous here. There are photos and a couple videos on my Flickr page. So, after arrival, we basically just walked around, taking it all in. The pictures just don’t do this place justice. We have the one bedroom suite. You can tour it in the videos. Some of my favorite things include: hammock chair on the balcony and reading there at 6:30 am listening to the waves, 24 hour room service with a “magic box” which means we never have to see the people if we don’t want to, the totally kick ass shower with the rain faucet AND four jets along with a hand-held shower head AND it’s also a steam sauna, and having a jacuzzi in the room.

Thursday night we went to dinner at La Distilleria where they make tequila on site. None of that for me though on the first night. You gotta pace yourself, ya know?

Friday involved more arrival of friends and family and more relaxing. We also met with our wedding coordinator to go over a few last minute details. They really, for the most part, make everything very easy on a bride as far as planning goes. The good stuff comes tomorrow. 🙂

10, X, Ten

Ten is just a crazy number. Sometimes it’s perfection. Ten fingers, ten toes, she’s a 10. It’s also the date that we leave for Mexico. It isn’t really ten days until the wedding though. Unless you count today also, then I guess it works.

I went and picked up my dress yesterday and I am happy with how it looks once it’s on. There might be one thing that I would’ve changed, but it’s so small that I’m probably the only one that would ever even notice it. Let it slide. Woosa.

Today, after purchasing a new keyboard…for my laptop…I await the arrival of the Sears delivery men. Since my efforts in fixing the dryer were thwarted by a basic lack of knowledge and the fear of electrocution, we broke down after about four days and ordered a new washer and dryer. One trip to the laundromat was really more than enough for me. It isn’t terrible. I can go and read, but it’s just kind of a pain. Lazy American!

Dear self: those favors really aren’t going to put themselves together so you might wanna get on that also.

I was asked very recently if I was excited for the wedding/Cancun/moving. Oddly enough, not yet. Somewhere along the line, I think I broke my excited bone (hahahaha, yeah, add your own joke here) and it never got repaired. Maybe it’s some sort of self-defense mechanism. If I’m not excited, I won’t be let down when I actually get to do things. Maybe I’m just a little bit nutty. Yeah, probably that. I think that the last time I was excited about an event was in January when we went to the Steelers game.

I’m considering heading over to Tumblr for my various rants. Apparently it’s easier to do music and photos there. But, seeing as I have a hard time just blogging daily, I don’t know. Although, it might be that much easier to do Tumblr. We’ll see.

Thanks for putting up with this ridiculous brain emptying as I work on actually preparing myself to write something meaningful. Hang in there! I’ll get interesting yet!


No, not as in war rememberence. Today is the day that I go to pick up my dress with all of its alterations. You should be able to see it here. It looks as though they aren’t making it any more, but that’s cool by me. I’m not one of those frilly girly girls so let me just tell you that me putting on this dress and going through all the preps is really a once-in-a-lifetime thing. You’re welcome, mom. I’m sure, though, that putting on this dress for about an hour will be worth all of the P90X torture that I’ve put myself through, lol.

It’s hard to believe that we’re leaving for Mexico in a mere 8 days. It really seemed like it wouldn’t get here forever and now it’s right on top of us. Sorry that these posts turn into my “honey do” lists for myself, but I’ve gotta focus! Still left to do before we go:

  • Prep the favors
  • Build the playlist
  • Pick up dress
  • Buy shoes (for all of us)
  • Figure out hair and makeup (I’m so not good at that!)

I’m nearly certain that I’m forgetting something as this list is so small. Hopefully it’ll come to me though. I’m going to have to go to the mall and let them paint me like a clown so I have some sort of clue how to work out this whole makeup thing. Yuck.

Yesterday, I made a suggestion to someone and that someone told me that my suggestion was “ugh”. Well, that I can deal with. Heaven forbid that something “ugh” is done for someone besides me. There’s nothing quite like being at the bottom of the totem pole, but hey, I don’t let these sorts of things keep me down. The selfishness and self-centered-ness of others will not throw me off of my game.

With that, I bid you farewell for I have things to get done. See you tomorrow for day 3 of trying to create this new habit of writing daily.

June 1, 2010

Let me make up for that lame post title with this:

That’s right, just 12 days away from the wedding now. It’s just crazy. I still have a couple of things to do that I’m procrastinating on but they really shouldn’t take that long and I know that I’ll get everything done before 4pm on the 12th, lol.

The month of June also brings us Sundress Month. (check the hashtag on Twitter) Unfortunately, the first of June is also the first day of hurricane season, so here in Miami, it’s not exactly a sundress day. I’m hoping, however, that it’ll clear up at some point and I’ll be able to get out into the sun in my dress. I am currently awaiting shipment of two new sundresses from Victoria’s Secret to use this month whilst I lounge in Mexico.

Speaking of Mexico, we have free internet in the room, but it’ll cost me an arm and a leg to use the data plan outside of the hotel, so all Facebook and Twitter updates are going to happen at the same time and likely not for very long. For those keeping track, however, I’ll be uploading photos to my Flickr account and possibly video to my YouTube channel.Link

In other exciting news, this coming Sunday, I’m going to substitute teach….a pole class!! Realistically, all I have to do is the warm-up and do some spotting. I’m not going to teach anything new. We’re only working on three moves, but I know those three and I hope that I can give pointers to help everyone else in the class get those moves down. I thought my teacher was crazy when she asked if I’d do this, but I need to get out of this shell sooner or later and it might as well be sooner. Balls to the wall is my married life motto, lol.

Just as a reminder to myself, I have two book ideas that are, in my head at least, very viable plans. I can’t tell you what they are just yet, but so I don’t forget, it’s about legends and it’s about having a daily before bed.

There is much to do today and every day, so I take my leave. I need to try to get back into the daily writing habit…we’ll see how that goes over. Have a great short week!!