Cancun – Days 1 and 2

For the sake of your eyes, I’ll break this up into smaller pieces rather than my typical rambling. The 1230 crew arrived on time and unscathed at the Cancun airport at about 1 or so on Thursday. As is usual, I suppose, we spent a good long time getting through both immigration and customs. Once we made it, our ride to the hotel was waiting. It took approximately 35 minutes to get to the hotel since we had to drop folks off at their hotels first.

First impression of the hotel? Un. Bee. Leave. A. Bull. OMG. It’s just gorgeous here. There are photos and a couple videos on my Flickr page. So, after arrival, we basically just walked around, taking it all in. The pictures just don’t do this place justice. We have the one bedroom suite. You can tour it in the videos. Some of my favorite things include: hammock chair on the balcony and reading there at 6:30 am listening to the waves, 24 hour room service with a “magic box” which means we never have to see the people if we don’t want to, the totally kick ass shower with the rain faucet AND four jets along with a hand-held shower head AND it’s also a steam sauna, and having a jacuzzi in the room.

Thursday night we went to dinner at La Distilleria where they make tequila on site. None of that for me though on the first night. You gotta pace yourself, ya know?

Friday involved more arrival of friends and family and more relaxing. We also met with our wedding coordinator to go over a few last minute details. They really, for the most part, make everything very easy on a bride as far as planning goes. The good stuff comes tomorrow. 🙂

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