June 1, 2010

Let me make up for that lame post title with this:

That’s right, just 12 days away from the wedding now. It’s just crazy. I still have a couple of things to do that I’m procrastinating on but they really shouldn’t take that long and I know that I’ll get everything done before 4pm on the 12th, lol.

The month of June also brings us Sundress Month. (check the hashtag on Twitter) Unfortunately, the first of June is also the first day of hurricane season, so here in Miami, it’s not exactly a sundress day. I’m hoping, however, that it’ll clear up at some point and I’ll be able to get out into the sun in my dress. I am currently awaiting shipment of two new sundresses from Victoria’s Secret to use this month whilst I lounge in Mexico.

Speaking of Mexico, we have free internet in the room, but it’ll cost me an arm and a leg to use the data plan outside of the hotel, so all Facebook and Twitter updates are going to happen at the same time and likely not for very long. For those keeping track, however, I’ll be uploading photos to my Flickr account and possibly video to my YouTube channel.Link

In other exciting news, this coming Sunday, I’m going to substitute teach….a pole class!! Realistically, all I have to do is the warm-up and do some spotting. I’m not going to teach anything new. We’re only working on three moves, but I know those three and I hope that I can give pointers to help everyone else in the class get those moves down. I thought my teacher was crazy when she asked if I’d do this, but I need to get out of this shell sooner or later and it might as well be sooner. Balls to the wall is my married life motto, lol.

Just as a reminder to myself, I have two book ideas that are, in my head at least, very viable plans. I can’t tell you what they are just yet, but so I don’t forget, it’s about legends and it’s about having a daily before bed.

There is much to do today and every day, so I take my leave. I need to try to get back into the daily writing habit…we’ll see how that goes over. Have a great short week!!

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