June 1, 2010

Let me make up for that lame post title with this:

That’s right, just 12 days away from the wedding now. It’s just crazy. I still have a couple of things to do that I’m procrastinating on but they really shouldn’t take that long and I know that I’ll get everything done before 4pm on the 12th, lol.

The month of June also brings us Sundress Month. (check the hashtag on Twitter) Unfortunately, the first of June is also the first day of hurricane season, so here in Miami, it’s not exactly a sundress day. I’m hoping, however, that it’ll clear up at some point and I’ll be able to get out into the sun in my dress. I am currently awaiting shipment of two new sundresses from Victoria’s Secret to use this month whilst I lounge in Mexico.

Speaking of Mexico, we have free internet in the room, but it’ll cost me an arm and a leg to use the data plan outside of the hotel, so all Facebook and Twitter updates are going to happen at the same time and likely not for very long. For those keeping track, however, I’ll be uploading photos to my Flickr account and possibly video to my YouTube channel.Link

In other exciting news, this coming Sunday, I’m going to substitute teach….a pole class!! Realistically, all I have to do is the warm-up and do some spotting. I’m not going to teach anything new. We’re only working on three moves, but I know those three and I hope that I can give pointers to help everyone else in the class get those moves down. I thought my teacher was crazy when she asked if I’d do this, but I need to get out of this shell sooner or later and it might as well be sooner. Balls to the wall is my married life motto, lol.

Just as a reminder to myself, I have two book ideas that are, in my head at least, very viable plans. I can’t tell you what they are just yet, but so I don’t forget, it’s about legends and it’s about having a daily before bed.

There is much to do today and every day, so I take my leave. I need to try to get back into the daily writing habit…we’ll see how that goes over. Have a great short week!!

First day of freedom

Well, here we are. Today is literally the first day of the rest of my life. For the last four years I have struggled daily and trudged into a job that I really disliked but that is no more. The little vacation that I have before we get married and move is one that is well deserved, or at least, it is in my opinion.

While I’m calling it a vacation, it really isn’t. I’ve tasked myself with a lot of things and hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish most, if not all, of them. I have a large bookshelf of books regarding things I’d like to learn programming-wise and it’s my goal to get through at least my huge Dreamweaver book to familiarize myself better with the program, PHP5, and ASP.NET. There are several other things down there as well, but I’m trying to keep my goals realistic.

Today is just uber busy but by next week, I’m sure that I’ll be able to settle into a routine. That’ll keep me from procrastinating at least. I do need the routine aspect to make things into habit…the good stuff anyway. The bad stuff always becomes habit much more easily.

Please pardon me while I make a list. Boring and likely meaningless to you, but of such great help to me. ūüôā

  • P90
  • Break
  • Write
  • Pole out (W,F)/Pole in(M,T,R)
  • Break
  • Read

Anywho, time is just ticking away and I’ve gotta get a move on. See bullet number 2 up there? That means I’ll try to send you a tidbit daily. I’ve tried before and failed, but this time could be the winner. Wish me luck!

The Vacation Wrap-up

Well, it’s all over for another year. Time to sadly put away the snowboards and the jackets, the thermals and the gloves. Time to come back to sea level with a higher alcohol tolerance and the driest skin ever! Thank goodness for cocoa butter.

Let me share with you some highlights:

  • During a ride with Kiddo, I was on the side of the trail to take a picture. As you can see, the snow was a little sparse in places. Kiddo was trying to avoid one of those spots and in turn, lost control of her board and crashed into a tree. Head first. Thank goodness for helmets! (She dented hers, btw.) Fortunately, she has a hard head and suffered nothing more than a little headache. The tree was fine.
  • That’s what she said. Who is she? I want to meet her. Ha!
  • Margaritas and enchiladas at Mi Casa FTW!
  • You really just can’t ever go wrong at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
  • Jerky! Venison and elk and buffalo!
  • Vanilla Porter at Breckenridge Brewery. I love beer!

And some of the lowlights:

  • Arrived at the airport 2 hours early for our flight only to find lines that went back to the house where we stayed.
  • Airline rep said the line would only be 20 minutes outside with the skycap.
  • We believed her. Dummies.
  • 90 minutes later, we were frozen, still needing to go through security, and our plane was boarding.
  • Made it through security in record time, ran over several people on the way to the gate, made the plane but couldn’t sit together.
  • Upon our arrival in Florida, 2 of our bags were missing. Of course it’s the one with all of my toiletries, makeup, etc.
  • The airline had no idea where out bag was and told me about 15 different stories.

Happy endings:

  • We did finally get our bags a day later.
  • Everything was intact.
  • They delivered the bags to the house at the exact time we specified.
  • Next year, we’ll ride all season and take a cruise on Christmas!!

Breckenridge – The first three days

Wow! I just realized that we’ve only been here for 2.5 days. ¬†It already seems like much longer, but that’s actually pretty fantastic.

We flew in on Christmas day, which is an awesome day to travel if you’re not of the mindset of caring when you get somewhere. ¬†The airport was nice and quiet even though our flight was full. ¬†We met another family and a single guy that were all coming to Breck. ¬†We haven’t yet run into them, but I figure at some point we may. ¬†Christmas dinner was at The Hearthstone where I had a couple of nice pieces of elk. ¬†The altitude change was not nice to the belly though, and we all ended up a gassy mess, lol.
Saturday we just hung around and checked out the town a little bit. ¬†We had originally planned to do a little warm-up day but decided that we needed the day to continue to adjust to the altitude. ¬†It’s nearly 2 miles high here. ¬†Crazy.
Sunday we hit the mountain full force with everyone going into their separate lesson. ¬†Amazingly enough, the place isn’t jam packed which meant that Kiddo basically had a private lesson since there was only one other teen in her group and I had a private lesson because no one else signed up for the particular thing that I did. ¬†Lovey also had a private lesson, but that’s because he booked it in the first place. ¬†We were all on the mountain from about 9:30 till 3 and let me tell you, at 3, we were all exhausted. ¬†Running 3 miles 3 times a week does absolutely nothing to prepare one for all day on the mountain.
Because it’s vacation, I must have a massage (or two). ¬†First massage came from the lovely folks at Blue Sage Spa. ¬†Super nice people, but most people here are. ¬†Deep tissue massage followed by a seaweed therapy detox. ¬†All I can say here is ahhhhhhhhhhh. ¬†We managed to stay up until 10pm(!)¬†
*SIDEBAR*  I just saw the Charlie Daniels Geico commercial.  So funny.
This morning, we had it planned to go to the grocery store and run a few more errands. ¬†Well, that was, until I could find my driver’s license. ¬†We turned the house upside down looking for it to no avail. ¬†I called the massage place and they didn’t have it. ¬†I called the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where I picked up yumminess after my massage and they didn’t have it either. ¬†
Panic started to set in. ¬†How in the world was I gonna get home? ¬†On a lesser scale, how could I take part in the champagne toast on New ¬†Year’s Eve if I couldn’t prove I was old enough to do so? ¬†My mouth started to get dry. ¬†My stomach started to sour. ¬†I have effectively ruined, sorta, vacation. ¬†Our whole crew retraced my steps from last night. ¬†We didn’t find anything. ¬†As it is, my head is always full of random thoughts, but everything was even more jumbled now. ¬†I stopped back in the spa and they said I should call the police station to see if anyone had turned it in. ¬†Another bust. ¬†The other half of our crew went into the visitor center to see if anyone had turned it in there but no luck again. ¬†We left them information to get in contact with us if, by some slim chance, someone turned it in.
AT&T service has been spotty at best for the last couple of days here. ¬†That has led to missed and/or dropped calls and NO TWITTER from my phone. Boooo! ¬†As such, I didn’t hear my phone when it rang and it took hours for voicemail to show up. ¬†It finally buzzed through when we were in the grocery store. ¬†And you will never believe this, because I still don’t believe it and it’s happening right in front of my face, but the visitor center called and said that they have my license!! ¬†Some kind soul found my license and turned it in!! ¬†Breckenridge is OFFICIALLY my favorite town in the world now. ¬†I don’t know if it was a local or if someone else on vacation, but whoever you are, THANK YOU!!!
Tonight, we’re still trying to recover from yesterday and prepare for tomorrow. ¬†We’ve all decided that a calm day of riding greens rather than the blues and blue-blacks we rode yesterday would be a good idea.
Oh!  Photos!  You can see all of them here.
Also, I haven’t forgotten about the blog challenge. ¬†I’m thinking a minimum of three posts a week with a minimum of 100 words. ¬†It’s only for bragging rights and getting ourselves into the habit of writing a little more.
That’s it for now and I’ll be posting more as it’s needed. ¬†Hope all’s well in each of your respective worlds.

Sometimes, the days just sneak away…

Wow, its been a few days, huh?

I suppose that’s just fine and dandy as I never promised I would write daily, at least I didn’t promise it to you guys. I only promised myself that I would try to write more often if for nothing else than to try to keep my sanity. So here I am. Hi! *waving*

At times, these things are likely boring to you, but I need to keep track of them and I like to look back at my blog down the road to see what was going on back in the day. ūüôā

With their fifth consecutive win, the Pittsburgh Steelers take the Denver Broncos….and stuff them mile high. Great game. Thank you, gentlemen.

The countdown continues. It’s a mere 16 days until my first 5K. I already did my registration and everything. I just have to pick up my packet in a couple of weeks. I am hoping against all hope that Ida will be long gone tomorrow morning. She caused a little havoc yesterday morning as I TRIED to run. But, when the wind is blowing at about 15mph with gusts up to 30, it’s a little tough.

Next on the agenda is vacation! I can’t believe there are only 45 more days! We have most of the big stuff handled like flights, house, and equipment so now we only have lessons, food choices and the ever-important spa day for scheduling. I picked up some sweet Under Armour that I really hope does a good job. I hate being all bulky on the mountain!

Holy smokes, shortly after vacation finishes, 36 days to be exact, is graduation! It took me a while, but I’m proud to say I’m finally getting that paper. The question becomes what will I do with this elusive piece of paper and will it mean anything to anyone of importance? These answers and many more on the next episode of Soap.

Do you think that’s enough to worry about? You’re right, it probably is, but I’m not being me if I’m not overloading my plate with things to do. As such, the short list of the rest of it is below. The first bullet deserves its own paragraph or entire post, but that’s for a later date.

  • Hi, wedding. I guess you’re not gonna plan yourself although I have thankfully little to do to plan you. But every time I think about it, I remember something else. Aargh.
  • Group fitness instructor training – Yes, I ordered all your stuff today. I hope to be certified by the end of January. That’s certified, not certifiable, which I already am.
  • Social networking – It’s more than just talking to you guys! ūüėÄ And I told my chiro that I’d see what I could do for him. Is it weird that I would only be able to do the whole social networking thing for someone I know/something I believe in?
  • Business plan – So I’ve got this idea. I just need to gather materials, put in some labor, create a website, register a domain name. OMG I have a lot of crap to do! As I’m getting closer with this idea, I’ll share. I promise.

I suppose that’s enough brain dumping for now. Thanks for listening/reading. I may get back to normal blogging without countdowns soon!