The Vacation Wrap-up

Well, it’s all over for another year. Time to sadly put away the snowboards and the jackets, the thermals and the gloves. Time to come back to sea level with a higher alcohol tolerance and the driest skin ever! Thank goodness for cocoa butter.

Let me share with you some highlights:

  • During a ride with Kiddo, I was on the side of the trail to take a picture. As you can see, the snow was a little sparse in places. Kiddo was trying to avoid one of those spots and in turn, lost control of her board and crashed into a tree. Head first. Thank goodness for helmets! (She dented hers, btw.) Fortunately, she has a hard head and suffered nothing more than a little headache. The tree was fine.
  • That’s what she said. Who is she? I want to meet her. Ha!
  • Margaritas and enchiladas at Mi Casa FTW!
  • You really just can’t ever go wrong at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
  • Jerky! Venison and elk and buffalo!
  • Vanilla Porter at Breckenridge Brewery. I love beer!

And some of the lowlights:

  • Arrived at the airport 2 hours early for our flight only to find lines that went back to the house where we stayed.
  • Airline rep said the line would only be 20 minutes outside with the skycap.
  • We believed her. Dummies.
  • 90 minutes later, we were frozen, still needing to go through security, and our plane was boarding.
  • Made it through security in record time, ran over several people on the way to the gate, made the plane but couldn’t sit together.
  • Upon our arrival in Florida, 2 of our bags were missing. Of course it’s the one with all of my toiletries, makeup, etc.
  • The airline had no idea where out bag was and told me about 15 different stories.

Happy endings:

  • We did finally get our bags a day later.
  • Everything was intact.
  • They delivered the bags to the house at the exact time we specified.
  • Next year, we’ll ride all season and take a cruise on Christmas!!

Say What?