Couldn’t make this up if I tried!

Me: Send me a screenshot.
User: How do I do that?
Me: <eye roll> (this is a telephone conversation)
Me: Press the PrintScreen button
User: Where is that?
Me: Above the Insert button
User: Where is that?
Me: (getting aggrivated) Next to Backspace
User: Uhhh, insert…uhh, backspace.  Oh, F12?
Me: No.  PrintScreen. To the right of F12.
User: Um, ok.
Me: Press that button
User: Nothing happened.
Me: Nothing is supposed to happen.  Open a Word doc.
User: Open what?
Me: Open Microsoft Word
User: Okay.  It's a blank screen
Me: Yes, now press the Ctrl button and the letter V
User: Nothing happened.
Me: <sigh>
Me: Did you press the PrintScreen button?
User: No, I couldn't find it.
Me: *mumbling under breath about how I'mma kill this dumb bitch*
Me: It is to the right of F12.  Do you see it?
User: Yes.
Me: Press it.
User: Ok.
Me: Now, press Ctrl and V in Word.
User: Okay.
Me: Now save the document to your desktop and then email it to me
User: How do I do that?
Me: You've never saved a Word Document?
User: No, I've never had to.
Me: BOILING MAD.  I'll just come up there.

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18 responses to “Couldn’t make this up if I tried!”

  1. man, i feel your pain. it seems like im the only computer literate person in my office.. they know how to do a basic search on the internet, but telling them to drag and drop a file from one window to another is like, torture. i just say let me do it get out of the way.

  2. It isn't as though I didn't want to, trust me!
    On a completely different side note that I was gonna post about but only a few of my neighbors would be interested in, I got an invitation from my old pole instructor to come to a private audition to teach for her. 🙂 I'm thinking I might go. I've got a month to get stretchy.

  3. Hahaha.Ok, in the user's defense, my print screen is above my F10 button. And it's "Prnt Scrn." HOWEVER, that's ridiculous. They could follow simple directions? And they've NEVER SAVED A WORD DOC?!?Good god!

  4. I'm sorry hon. I do Web Support for customers over the phone, so I can feel your pain. It is surprising how many people can't fill out the information on the screen and when they do they don't understand they have to click continue to go to the next one.

  5. All in a day's work. 🙂
    That sounds like a decent gig though, especially from home. I always wondered if you had a job (other than school/taking care of the boys/being fab) or if your minions just sent ya cash. 😉

  6. i have known people that save their emails in the TRASH!!!! Um just create a folder dude!Cool about the pole teaching tryout let me know how it goes!

  7. People where I work do that. I don't get it either.
    Ugh, so, I sent her a note asking for more info and she posted a clarification (that she should have done in the first place so I wouldn't have gotten all excited) that she sent it out so if we knew anyone that would be qualified to have that person send their "dance resume" to her. So yeah, no tryout for me. DAMMIT!
    Maybe I'll just splurge and get my own pole and ROCO at home.

  8. You wondered if I had a job? he he. That is awesome. I would love to appear to just be that person that doesn't need to have a job. 🙂 Yeah. It is a complicated relationship. Right now I'm on a year leave. I go back in September and this November will be 12 years with them. It isn't a bad gig. It isn't a great gig either but what the hell, the flight benefits rock.

  9. OMG I feel your pain!!! We have an "email tree" at work (basically like 5 premade Outlook contact lists with about 100 people per list on them).
    We get messages sometimes that need to be sent out to EVERYONE, aka "via the email tree."
    I get a call AT HOME once from this girl, she says, "okay I'm in the email tree what do I do now?"
    Umm you're IN the email tree? Yeahhh don't get caught on a branch sister…
    She had no idea how to send a freakin EMAIL to several contact lists through Outlook. Your little story reminded me of that day……ahhhh thanks…

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