Couldn’t make this up if I tried!

Me: Send me a screenshot.
User: How do I do that?
Me: <eye roll> (this is a telephone conversation)
Me: Press the PrintScreen button
User: Where is that?
Me: Above the Insert button
User: Where is that?
Me: (getting aggrivated) Next to Backspace
User: Uhhh, insert…uhh, backspace.  Oh, F12?
Me: No.  PrintScreen. To the right of F12.
User: Um, ok.
Me: Press that button
User: Nothing happened.
Me: Nothing is supposed to happen.  Open a Word doc.
User: Open what?
Me: Open Microsoft Word
User: Okay.  It's a blank screen
Me: Yes, now press the Ctrl button and the letter V
User: Nothing happened.
Me: <sigh>
Me: Did you press the PrintScreen button?
User: No, I couldn't find it.
Me: *mumbling under breath about how I'mma kill this dumb bitch*
Me: It is to the right of F12.  Do you see it?
User: Yes.
Me: Press it.
User: Ok.
Me: Now, press Ctrl and V in Word.
User: Okay.
Me: Now save the document to your desktop and then email it to me
User: How do I do that?
Me: You've never saved a Word Document?
User: No, I've never had to.
Me: BOILING MAD.  I'll just come up there.

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