Sunday Funday

Since yesterday was a super lazy Saturday, I neglected my P90X duties. But never fear, I simply swapped my rest day, today for ¬†yesterday. You know what that means? Balance and Power Sunday. I found this workout to be more like what I was expecting from P90X…the impossible.

Things learned this morning?

  • I do not have as much core strength as I thought.
  • For the amount of balance I seem to have, I might be missing some toes AND have an inner ear infection.

Sidebar: I’m watching the Pens as I type and COME ON!!! Score on the power play!!

Anywho, back to P90X. Lots of stability ball exercises in this one which equals a lot of my face in the floor/stability ball. So. Effing. Difficult. But, that’s what I was looking for so I’m not complaining, just realizing that I have a long way to go.

Sidebar again: Am I seriously seeing a commercial for something called Full Metal Jousting?!?! WTF.

Not one to sit still for very long, it’s off to the studio today for a pole party. Then back home to work out my routine for the showcase. Hey, nothing like cutting it close, right? Eh, I do my best work under pressure. Combining chair and pole makes it a smidge easier for me. And I get to move slowly since I said no hip-hop. Not ready to go there just yet.

Looking forward to next week. Tackling another week of P90X, teaching a new pole class, and only the universe knows what other fun stuff might come my way (I mean besides the things that I have planned like BrewFest, a photo shoot with a fellow Club Med alumni, and the showcase.).

Oh yeah, there’s football today too. Since both teams can’t lose, I’m skipping that game altogether. But, I think the Giants will take the Niners giving us a Giants/Ravens Super Bowl where the Ravens win and Ray Lewis retires much to the delight of Steeler Nation. I will only be happy about the last part. Enjoy the games.

Batting 1000

Been a few minutes since I last posted but it was just one of those weekends.

Steelers. Sad face. But, boy was the game a blast. So, I’m 1-1 on wins for going to see Steelers games but batting 1000 on having fun at games. Met some nice folks from the home area, had a few adult beverages, and got to check out the club section at Invesco ¬†Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Really nice area that had a ton of Steelers fans driving Broncos fans crazy. Still a wonderful time since there’s no real rivalry between the teams, there was just good natured ribbing between the fans. I had the most delicious deconstructed salmon wellington. And you know what? At $13, it was a fantastic deal. I would expect to pay more than that in a restaurant for that dish!

In other news, not much else is going on. Still have to work on choreography for the show at the end of the month. Still waiting on answers. Still stretching. Still about 3 inches away from a split on the good side. Still not enough time in the morning to blog. I have to get up earlier.

Have a great day, folks!

You got knocked the $*@! out!

Enter Santonio Holmes.  He of questionable integrity at times.  Great football player.  Just does some dumb stuff sometimes. You know, stuff like getting arrested on Miami Beach or a domestic violence charge or getting busted for having some weed and getting suspended before a big game or letting some photo get circulated around the internet of him standing in a shower, naked, showing off his, ahem, manhood.  But hey, we all make mistakes.

Anywho, Mr. Holmes (appropriate name for someone with that…manhood) had a good game last night when the Steelers smacked around the Bengals for four quarters to the tune of 27-10.  At one point, Ben threw Santonio a pass that set the poor guy up to get plowed.  I wish I could embed this, but either I can't or I'm not smart enough to do it.  At any rate, the good stuff is all the way at the end.  Start at about 1:40.  Ouch.  Make sure you watch it until the end.

Santonio takes a hit.

Happy Friday.

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16/30 – Why I sometimes hate Latin music

So, it's not always.  I actually like it quite often.  When do I not like it?  Oh, maybe on a Sunday afternoon when it's sunny out and cool enough to have the windows open and the air off?  Maybe when the complete putos that live behind us think that it's okay to BLAST their music?  When they have their stereo backed up against the fence that separates our yards?  When they have it as cranked as it can possibly go because they're outside working….IN THEIR FRONT YARD?!?!?!

… the ghetto…on a cold and gray Chicago morn another little baby child is born….in the ghetto…..

Seriously, is it time to move yet?

In all the places I've lived besides Miami, I have never dealt with this.  Not in podunk PA, not within the city limits of Pittsburgh, not on Long Island, not in Colorado, not even in north Florida.  I cannot for the life of me understand it.  I guess, the lack of respect for others around you.  Grrrr.

On happier notes, the Dolphins won as did the Steelers in a wild game over the Chargers.  Pittsburgh 12 penalities, San Diego 1?  Nope, not lopsided at all.  But I do feel sorry for the Bolts because they keep losing in such crappy manners.

Well, I'm off to watch Lovey make cookies.  I hope that your weekend was lovely and all is well in your respective worlds even if I don't make it to each of your worlds to say so.

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