16/30 – Why I sometimes hate Latin music

So, it's not always.  I actually like it quite often.  When do I not like it?  Oh, maybe on a Sunday afternoon when it's sunny out and cool enough to have the windows open and the air off?  Maybe when the complete putos that live behind us think that it's okay to BLAST their music?  When they have their stereo backed up against the fence that separates our yards?  When they have it as cranked as it can possibly go because they're outside working….IN THEIR FRONT YARD?!?!?!

…..in the ghetto…on a cold and gray Chicago morn another little baby child is born….in the ghetto…..

Seriously, is it time to move yet?

In all the places I've lived besides Miami, I have never dealt with this.  Not in podunk PA, not within the city limits of Pittsburgh, not on Long Island, not in Colorado, not even in north Florida.  I cannot for the life of me understand it.  I guess, the lack of respect for others around you.  Grrrr.

On happier notes, the Dolphins won as did the Steelers in a wild game over the Chargers.  Pittsburgh 12 penalities, San Diego 1?  Nope, not lopsided at all.  But I do feel sorry for the Bolts because they keep losing in such crappy manners.

Well, I'm off to watch Lovey make cookies.  I hope that your weekend was lovely and all is well in your respective worlds even if I don't make it to each of your worlds to say so.

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2 thoughts on “16/30 – Why I sometimes hate Latin music

  1. I've been there. Our neighbors blasted gheto rap with two huge (crappy) speakers aimed right at our bedroom making the windows in our house buzz. We called the police that time, we asked them to turn it down from time to time, but mostly we just put up with it. (And then moved.)

  2. Sucks, doesn't it?
    I was going to go over to confront them about it. Then I realized that my Spanish isn't that good to get my point across like I would in English. I considered throwing a bucket of water onto my side of the fence where I knew that their stereo was on the other side, but refrained.
    Only approximate 613 days till we move. 🙂

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