17/30 – I know you’re a tourist

Today was a beautiful south Florida day.  In the 50s when I left for work and highs in the 70s which means 60s in the office.

Driving down Washington Avenue, it's simple to pick out the locals and the tourists.  Locals = dressed like they're goiong skiing.  Tourists = dressed like they're at. the. beach!

It's been quite the quiet day today, and that's nice.  Some days, I just don't have much to say.

Talk amongst yourselves. 🙂

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One response to “17/30 – I know you’re a tourist”

  1. You can always tell a local in FL in the winter. They're not tan, they're dressed as if it's -30 instead of 60 (I admit, I'm freezing at the moment and have been for 2 days), and shun the beach because, "what are you crazy? The water is below 80. We'll freeze."That said, it's a nice change to be chilly. Now I want it to go back to the regularly scheduled November Weather, please. 😉

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