37.31 – bulletpoints


  • breakfast – cheated and went to sonic.  it’s only once per week so it isn’t awful.
  • grocery shopping – the great thing about doing the grocery shopping at target is that it’s a super target so it can be one-stop shopping.  sometimes, it’s shopping for something that i wasn’t shopping for.  that’s what happened today.  i got some socks on purpose and then accidentally bought a tv stand for the basement hideaway.  the price really just couldn’t have been beat and i love the way it looks, so win all around.  only four more items until the hideaway is complete.
  • cleaning – it gets super dusty here for some reason.  it was the day to do all of the dusting (swiffer dusters are pretty cool) and vacuuming and bathroom cleaning.  ugh, but i do love a clean room.
  • see ya christmas – a week into january is plenty enough time for me to have had the tree up.  down it came.  everything back in its place.  it looks a little sparse but i like it better that way.
  • chimichangas! – i just like saying the word.  and eating mini ones for lunch.
  • hideaway work – put together the tv stand, moved the couch, hid some stuff behind it.  got the table in place.  visualized where the last four items are going.  it’s going to be a perfect patron margarita on the rocks no salt.

i’m just too tired to do anything else for today.  i still need to tighten up the mop up top.  there’s straightening to do in my office.  would’ve liked to have run through the dance once more but my hip is starting to act stupid so i don’t want to aggravate it and have it be really sore tomorrow.

has the lack of capitalization bothered you in this post?  it won’t become a habit, don’t worry.  it took longer to write this having to backspace a lot to, well, create typos of sorts.

i gotta go polish my boogie shoes.  more to report on the morrow.

37.30 – Just over the limit

So, it’s quarter after 12 but I’m throwing this shorty so I don’t feel bad.

Holiday party was super.  Hubby’s co-workers are totally awesome people!  I look forward to seeing some of them again.

Also, let me introduce Lucy Moo-sy.  Here she is:

My new cow
Look at her; isn't she cute?

Don’t you just love her?  She’s awesomely squishy. You may see photos of her in random places from here on out. Sorry.

Okay, it’s late.  See you tomorrow at some time.

Good morning!

37.29 – Hectosity

Yes, hectosity.  Sounds like: heck-toss-it-ee.  Definition: a state of your day being so hectic that at 5pm you are curious where the heck the day went.

Today. Was.  Hectosity.

Before I get to that, though, I wanted to show you this website.  Fly.

I’ve been at my job for just under two months now and the best way I can describe it is information overload.  There are about ten systems upon which I have had crash courses.  It’s challenging though, and I like that.  In the last week or so, we’ve been chatting about certain systems that we want to put in place, one of which I get to lead.  Today was something along the lines of……BOMBARDMENT!  But oh how sweet it was.

I actually needed a few more hours in the work day today and would have gladly worked them.  Most of the day was spent in meetings.  First, a ‘heads up’ type meeting that we’re going to get crushed on Monday.  Next, chatting with a vendor and a co-worker about what will henceforth be known as “TheProject”.  I foresee a lot of meetings with a lot of people to get this the way everyone wants it.  TheProject is officially now my baby.  When I came back from lunch, there was a huge (and when I say huge, I mean more than 4’x5′) relational diagram draped over my monitor, keyboard, and chair.  TheProject is going to be so much fun.  Last, a web demo/conference with the earlier vendor, the vendor doing the demo, a couple co-workers, and the director of our department.  I was all kinds of sitting quietly and listening until I had a good question.  Boom!  I unleashed that bad boy and got kudos from the earlier vendor and the director.  That meeting was full of win.

I’m actually enjoying my job.  Who’da thunk it?

Also, whilst my goal is to blog daily, I just don’t think I’m going to make it tomorrow.  We have a social event directly after work that will run past midnight.  I suppose that one day won’t be the end of the world.

Well now, I think I’ve talked your ear off enough for tonight.  Have a great Friday!  Go to happy hour or something but always have a designated driver.  Be safe!  See you on Saturday.

37.28 – Zumba, Brazil, Caipirinha, Baila

Dear Club Med,

Thanks for pounding repetitive dances into my head for four years.  It is because of this that I love Zumba and also it is because of this that I felt comfortable with only starting to learn a dance on Sunday that I’ll perform at halftime of the Nuggets game this Sunday.  One week?  A full week of practice?  I’ve learned about half a show in a day….in an airport.  Come on, challenge me!

Oh wait, it is challenging.  As of late, exercise has not been my friend.  And we’re at altitude.  So, yeah, if you happen to see this on TV (and there’s more than one black person out there), I’ll be the one mouth breathing.  But I’m sure I’ll look fantastic while I’m mouth breathing.  Please don’t put me in the front row.  I know I’m short but that is the last place I want to be.  It isn’t stage fright; I got over that a long time ago.  I just don’t want to look like a tool in front of the tens of Nuggets fans that might see this.  Yes, tens.  *Birdman, away!*

Well, this is day 5 of my 21 day habit-forming blogging.  It isn’t really getting any easier.  It’s like squeezing a zit that isn’t ready to pop.  All you get is pain and an empty page.  I give mad props to people who can write and actually be interesting on a daily basis.  I mean, I fill space, but it isn’t always a great read.  I’m okay with that.  The one or two of you that stop by are okay with it too, right?!?!

I’m going to skip a Facebook friend story today.  Instead I’m going to go read my book.  See ya!

37.27 – Once upon a time in Mexico

I have an unhealthy obsession….with mariachis.  I LOVE the mariachis.  I am currently going through mariachi withdrawl.  Do you know how I know it’s getting bad?  I listen to this radio station in the car.  Yes, I do.  I am certainly the most Black, non-Spanish speaking Mexican you will ever meet.  Tacos al pastor and tequila and the ocean and music and people and Carlos and Charlie’s and Disco Taco and cab rides and sawdust covered floors in clubs and oh, sorry, I got off track there.

Yes, I do indeed love Mexico.  And you can call me crazy, but I would still go live there (with my Spanish speaking husband, of course) and I know that I would absolutely love it.  Once I hit that lottery, I’m all over this plan.

But where?  In Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo?  Or in Cancun?  Yeah, I hear ya.  Living in a resort-like or resort-close-to town isn’t like living in Mexico.  It is though.  I said so.  My blog.  My rules.

Weighing in as my first taste of Mexico and holding some very fond memories, fighting out of the West Coast corner, we have the Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo combo.  And fighting out of the East Coast corner, home of the merger of the century, iiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s Cancun!  Standing at ringside, we have D.F., always standing by in case of a double knock out.

Not a decision to be taken lightly.  I figure I have about 30 years to get there.  Aim big, people!

Entonces, hasta manana.  Pase un buen noche.