At Brunswick 51

I basically grew up in the bowling alley.  My parents bowled in leagues and when I was old enough, I bowled with them.  I think I knew how to keep score (back when it was still done with PENCILS) before I was about seven.  At any rate, here are a few memories from the lanes:

  • My folks had a friend that happened to have crossed eyes.  Somehow, my mom didn't know this fact.  Enter embarassing moment when my mom said, "Look at me when I'm talking to you!!"
  • Ah, another mom story.  She was twirling around because she had a cute skirt on.  Twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl, thud.  Oops.  Sorry poor guy walking by that took one to the nuts because mom wasn't looking.
  • Can't leave out dad.  He had false teeth and thought it was funny to scare kids by popping them halfway out.  Yep, all good till he lost hold of them and they fell out on the floor.
  • Once I was spinning around the hand rail/pole thing and cracked my head on the bench.  You know those fiberglass monsters?  Ouch.
  • I loved (and still do) pinball.  When I walked up to a machine that had over 20 free games on them with no one around, I thought I found heaven.  Yep, until the biker dudes came back and found that I played all their games.  Scary moment.
  • Remember the game Joust?  First played at the bowling alley.
  • I learned how to carry a steaming hot cup of coffee the length of the lanes without spilling it.  And I learned that the best way to have coffee is light and sweet.
  • The manager's wife was my gym teacher.  The manager kinda looked like a skunk.
  • I was a pirate at the Halloween party at the alley but I had twisted my ankle a couple days prior.
  • I had a Snoopy ball and bag and hot pink and white bowling shoes that looked like high top sneakers.
  • When we turned 21, we went there to shoot pool and drink beer.  And play the jukebox.  I swear I have all my teeth.

There you go.  Memories from Brunswick 51 Lanes and Lounge. 

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