QotD: Thanksgiving Travel

Where will you be eating Thanksgiving Dinner this year? 

In my back yard with the extended family.  Lovey's frying not one, but two turkeys. (OMG if you haven't had fried turkey you ain't livin!) Kiddo's making sweet potato muffins.  Lovey's aunt has a CRAZY list of food she's making.  And I am doing absolutely nothing but eating.


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Today at Publix

It's grocery day!  Woot!

No, not really.  Grocery shopping sucks.  But gas is under $2 so I'll take that in trade.

So, we walked into the store and were in the process of grabbing a cart, buggy, whatever you choose to call it.  Right there were an older man and an older woman.  Here's what transpired:

OL: <standing there minding her own business>

OM: <sidling up to the OL>

(I'm not sure of the exact question because I wasn't 100% paying attention AND I don't speak Spanish)

OM: Cuantos anos tiene?

OL: What?  I don't understand you!  I'm American!!



Seriously, the great majority of the people around the area in which I live just expect everyone to speak Spanish.  The little old lady's response was priceless.

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