Today at Publix

It's grocery day!  Woot!

No, not really.  Grocery shopping sucks.  But gas is under $2 so I'll take that in trade.

So, we walked into the store and were in the process of grabbing a cart, buggy, whatever you choose to call it.  Right there were an older man and an older woman.  Here's what transpired:

OL: <standing there minding her own business>

OM: <sidling up to the OL>

(I'm not sure of the exact question because I wasn't 100% paying attention AND I don't speak Spanish)

OM: Cuantos anos tiene?

OL: What?  I don't understand you!  I'm American!!



Seriously, the great majority of the people around the area in which I live just expect everyone to speak Spanish.  The little old lady's response was priceless.

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