You got knocked the $*@! out!

Enter Santonio Holmes.  He of questionable integrity at times.  Great football player.  Just does some dumb stuff sometimes. You know, stuff like getting arrested on Miami Beach or a domestic violence charge or getting busted for having some weed and getting suspended before a big game or letting some photo get circulated around the internet of him standing in a shower, naked, showing off his, ahem, manhood.  But hey, we all make mistakes.

Anywho, Mr. Holmes (appropriate name for someone with that…manhood) had a good game last night when the Steelers smacked around the Bengals for four quarters to the tune of 27-10.  At one point, Ben threw Santonio a pass that set the poor guy up to get plowed.  I wish I could embed this, but either I can't or I'm not smart enough to do it.  At any rate, the good stuff is all the way at the end.  Start at about 1:40.  Ouch.  Make sure you watch it until the end.

Santonio takes a hit.

Happy Friday.

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3 responses to “You got knocked the $*@! out!”

  1. Next year I'm not drafting any Steelers for my fantasy team. They won handily, but I'm still P.O'ed because Parker and Holmes were out most of the second half. And don't even get me started about the defense's lack of production….

  2. I have Ben, but I sit him a lot (I also have Matt Schaub and Matt Ryan). You know who is hardly ever a letdown as far as fantasy and the Steelers? Jeff Reed. He got me 9 points last night and that's not too shabby for the foot.
    We're having a heck of a time staying healthy this year. And making tackles.

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