You got knocked the $*@! out!

Enter Santonio Holmes.  He of questionable integrity at times.  Great football player.  Just does some dumb stuff sometimes. You know, stuff like getting arrested on Miami Beach or a domestic violence charge or getting busted for having some weed and getting suspended before a big game or letting some photo get circulated around the internet of him standing in a shower, naked, showing off his, ahem, manhood.  But hey, we all make mistakes.

Anywho, Mr. Holmes (appropriate name for someone with that…manhood) had a good game last night when the Steelers smacked around the Bengals for four quarters to the tune of 27-10.  At one point, Ben threw Santonio a pass that set the poor guy up to get plowed.  I wish I could embed this, but either I can't or I'm not smart enough to do it.  At any rate, the good stuff is all the way at the end.  Start at about 1:40.  Ouch.  Make sure you watch it until the end.

Santonio takes a hit.

Happy Friday.

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