• LeendaDLL

    I've been watching the "new posts" section that comes up after you post and there are people making hundreds, if not thousands, of these accounts every day. I think they've figured out how to automatic (the blog posts are all garbage). I don't know how Vox will be able to block them.

  • LeendaDLL

    i don't get the porn/spam comments too often but they're always on the same post. i think it's possible to turn comments off a single post. or, if it gets really bad, you can switch to only allowing comments from your hood (though I hate to do that cause comments are how I meet new people here)ahhh… F work.

  • a

    I have made an offering at the feet of the vipers as a gesture or jestor of kindness and test of their slither-ability.
    Surely, they appreciate the hArvard hUmour club, darling.

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