Crap squared times lies divided by stupidity equals DHL

Ha ha, the saga continues.  After much griping to AT&T yesterday, I finally got a supervisor to approve overnight delivery of my phone.  I called them this morning to get the tracking number.  For whatever reason, the rep didn't know if it was overnight or 2 day but that's neither here nor there. I got the number and went to the DH-hell website.

I am not happy when the tracking information looks the same as it did when they lost the package.  So another round of phone calls ensues.  Hi, DHL, could you tell me where my package is?  Another one flat out lies to me.  She said that there was some huge water main break and the fire department was there and a whole bunch of other crap and that everything is delayed.  Now, because I don't believe her, I check all of the websites of the local newspapers and the local TV stations and I see nothing about it.  Then I ask Lovey if he saw anything about it on the news before he left the house.  Negative on all fronts.  So I call again and get someone different.  This one says that there are delays but it should arrive before 3:30 pm.

Time passes.  I keep checking the website.  Hey, it made it to the right facility!  We're making progress!  Hell yeah, it's out for delivery!  It's almost lunch time when I check again.  Now it says that they need "address information" and to contact customer service.  Grrr!

Hi, DHL, your website says that I have to contact you about my package.  Oh yes, well it looks like Cingular/AT&T didn't send the address information and there's no information on the waybill.  Um.  What?  I gave them the address and made sure that they repeated it back to me.  Well, we don't have it.  THEN HOW THE HELL DID YOU KNOW WHICH TRUCK IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO ON?!?!?  Lies on top of lies from this place.  DHL guy says to please hold while he gets a supervisor.  Oh, before you go, make sure you let your supervisor know that this package was to be delivered on the first and you lost it the first time so you'd better make sure it gets in my hands today.  DHL sounds a little worried and puts me on hold. 

I am fuming.  I am livid.  I think I almost had a stroke.  They have terrible hold music.  I don't want to be bothered.  Someone walks up behind me at my desk.  It's a guy from the mailroom.  He's holding my package from DHL.  I thought about staying on hold but figured why bother.  Isn't it lovely that they don't even know where their packages are?

All's well that ends well.  I have my new phone.  It works.  It picks up fingerprints like a mofo but I don't care.  But don't, for a second, think that I'm not going to write a scathing letter to those idiots outlining the fact that they're stupid and that they are liars.  I wouldn't ship anything across the street with their company because they'd lose it.

And that's my rant for today. 🙂

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