Sight is a beautiful thing

Really.  It is.

I've had better than 20/20 vision for nearly all of my life.  I went to the eye doctor last May and I was fine.  For some reason, though, my eyes went into rapid decline. (I'm not sick, had a full physical, everything's clean.)  So last week, I became eligible to get another eye exam.  I didn't care for the guy I went to in May so I started searching elsewhere.

Lo and behold I found someone that I would give a shot.  And he's great.  My eyes – not so great.  Apparently, I'm nearly blind.  Nearly blind to the point that I'm 34 and I now have progressive lenses.  Bifocals without the lines.  Damn.

I picked up my new glasses yesterday and let me tell you something.  I forgot how wonderful it is to see clearly.  Here's the analogy that best describes it: My eyes without glasses are the analog signal on the TV with bunny ears.  My eyes with glasses are HDTV, baby!  I realize now that we don't need a new TV, I just needed glasses.

Life is good.  And I love my new phone.  I may start taking random pictures with it and posting them if I can ever figure out how to save my Vox address, lol.  Tomorrow's ROCO Friday.  Get your game face on!

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