Two boobs, or not two boobs

I may have previously mentioned that Lovey and I will be attending the wedding of his best friend att he end of March.  It began that I was working out 5 or 6 days a week in preparation for the shindig, but now, I keep working out because it makes me feel good and I'm almost back to being in "circus shape" or at least looking like it since I know the core strength isn't there.

I was torn on what to wear to the wedding.  It's in Honduras so it's going to be hotter than hell.  I have, in my possesion, a total of three dresses.  One is ankle-length and sleeveless and I absolutely love it.  It holds many memories and has gone swimming in pools and oceans.  It will be too hot and sticky for that one though, I believe.  I have another that I wore two years ago to another of his friend's wedding and I like that one too but the current bride and groom were at that wedding and at our table, so I'm not wearing that one.  The third dress I also enjoy, but for some reason, in pictures, you can see my, um, personal boobage area right through the dress!  (It's black, so that's kinda weird.)  At any rate, I wore it to the current bride and groom's engagement party, so that one was out the window as well.  What's a girl to do?

Fortunately, I was gifted a dress, brand new with tags.  It's even designer of sorts I believe, but I don't follow that sort of thing.  It's the dress pictured but instead of the color shown, it's more of a rust color

For free and for something that I hadn't tried on, it's almost perfect.  It's a size 4 (or so it says on the tag) so I really didn't think that I was going to fit into it, but lo and behold I did.  Almost.  Can you see how the waistline is high and shirred?  Well, it fits from there down.  The top gaps open some where I'm supposed to have boobs.  <sigh>

I've been long contemplating having an enhancement.  Mainly for this exact reason.  Clothes don't fit me properly.  Seriously, I can't fit the boob area in a size 4 dress.  WTF is that?  Somehow I've made it 34 years, had a child and still can't fill a friggin B-cup.

Is it the end of the world?  No, of course it isn't.  Does Lovey care?  No.  I've got the same amount of boobs now as when he met me.  It's just me and my issues.

I am pretty sure that we've advanced far enough that having this procedure is relatively safe if done by a reputable doctor. (All surgery involves some risk.)  I realize that I'll be out of commission for a few days to a week.  But I can't really think of any other reason not to do it.  I'm not talking porn star DD's or anything here because that would just look stupid on my frame, but a small C would work wonders.

Why am I telling you this?  I don't know for sure.  I'd like to hear opinions, good stories, bad stories, pros, cons, whatever you've got.  I just want to look nice in my clothes.  Or without them.

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My “TRUE” color

I could make a million cracks about this but….

Sunny, your true color is Brown!


You're brown, a credible, stable color that's reminiscent of fine wood, rich leather, and wistful melancholy. Most likely, you're a logical, practical person ruled more by your head than your heart. With your inquisitive mind and insatiable curiosity, you're probably a great problem solver. And you always gather all of the facts before coming to a timely, informed decision. Easily intrigued, you're constantly finding new ways to challenge your mind, whether it's by reading the newspaper, playing a trivia game, or composing a piece of music. Brown is an impartial, neutral color, which means you tend to see the difference between fact and opinion easily and are open to many points of view. Trustworthy and steady, you really are a brown at heart.


Granted, a lot of this is true.  I just can't get past the brown part.

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Things on Tuesday

This is my first one of these bad boys and I almost forgot that it was Tuesday.

Things I loathe:

  • Incompetent school officials
  • Doing the same work over and over through no fault of my own
  • Traffic
  • Constipation.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Things I love:

  • My family
  • The fact that I have a job and therefore money to pay my bills
  • Lazy Saturdays
  • Shaun T and my Hip Hop Abs
  • Mini-vacations in Honduras
  • Not missing my bad habits
  • Catching some open road with the windows down and the music blasting
  • Having friends all over the world
  • My engagement ring
  • Tuna salad

I guess that's it for now.  Lovin them Tuesdays. 🙂

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QotD: Sticks and Stones

What's the meanest thing you've ever said to someone?

Hi, so, yeah, why not title this post "I am an evil bitch/bastard"?

As with most people, I've said a fair share of mean things but I have a very bad habit of holding onto anger and such and letting it fester and then when another is at their most low, I will spit it out at them with the most venom possible.  Should I get help for that?  Probably.

But, I will still answer this knowing that it is hardly the meanest thing that I've ever said to anyone.  It was said to a friend when we were all just sitting around ripping on each other.  Kinda like 'The Dozens' but with only one black person (me).  Anyways, my friend Roy was the recipient of this zinger:

Your mom knew you were gonna be stupid from the day that you were born so she only gave you a three-letter name.

It's mean.  I know. 

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BVA – Class of ’90

That's my school.  That's my year.  I can't believe that it's been 18 years since I graduated.  There are times that it feels like just yesterday.  Those times come flooding back when I see or hear something in particular.  Something such as our class song – "Dreams" by Van Halen.  It came on Sirius this morning when I was driving in and I played it the whole way here.

World turns black and white
Pictures in an empty room
Your love starts fallin down
Better change your tune
Reach for the golden ring
Reach for the sky
Baby just spread your wings
Well get higher and higher straight up well climb
Well get higher and higher leave it all behind
Run, run, run, away
Like a train runnin off the track
The truth gets left behind
And falls between the cracks
Standing on broken dreams
But never losing sight
Spread your wings
So baby dry your eyes, save all the tears youve cried
Ohh thats what dreams are made of
Oh baby we belong in a world that must be strong
Ohh thats what dreams are made of
Higher and higher who knows what well find
And in the end on dreams we will depend
Cause thats what love is made of

I may discuss this more later or in another blog.

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