QotD: Sticks and Stones

What's the meanest thing you've ever said to someone?

Hi, so, yeah, why not title this post "I am an evil bitch/bastard"?

As with most people, I've said a fair share of mean things but I have a very bad habit of holding onto anger and such and letting it fester and then when another is at their most low, I will spit it out at them with the most venom possible.  Should I get help for that?  Probably.

But, I will still answer this knowing that it is hardly the meanest thing that I've ever said to anyone.  It was said to a friend when we were all just sitting around ripping on each other.  Kinda like 'The Dozens' but with only one black person (me).  Anyways, my friend Roy was the recipient of this zinger:

Your mom knew you were gonna be stupid from the day that you were born so she only gave you a three-letter name.

It's mean.  I know. 

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