Things on Tuesday

This is my first one of these bad boys and I almost forgot that it was Tuesday.

Things I loathe:

  • Incompetent school officials
  • Doing the same work over and over through no fault of my own
  • Traffic
  • Constipation.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Things I love:

  • My family
  • The fact that I have a job and therefore money to pay my bills
  • Lazy Saturdays
  • Shaun T and my Hip Hop Abs
  • Mini-vacations in Honduras
  • Not missing my bad habits
  • Catching some open road with the windows down and the music blasting
  • Having friends all over the world
  • My engagement ring
  • Tuna salad

I guess that's it for now.  Lovin them Tuesdays. 🙂

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  • mmm, tuna salad.

  • Constipation. Bad.
    BTW, how are the wedding plans going?

  • Catching some open road with the windows down and the music blastingI haven't done this in a long time. I know what I'm doing on the way home from work today!

  • 🙂 They aren't. We're still engaged, I'm just not in any hurry to get married and neither is he. It'll happen eventually, but I'm not into the whole white dress, church wedding idea. Never have been actually. My mom used to crap bricks when I told her that I wanted to get married in the back yard in shorts and a t-shirt and have BBQ.

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