Things on Tuesday

This is my first one of these bad boys and I almost forgot that it was Tuesday.

Things I loathe:

  • Incompetent school officials
  • Doing the same work over and over through no fault of my own
  • Traffic
  • Constipation.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Things I love:

  • My family
  • The fact that I have a job and therefore money to pay my bills
  • Lazy Saturdays
  • Shaun T and my Hip Hop Abs
  • Mini-vacations in Honduras
  • Not missing my bad habits
  • Catching some open road with the windows down and the music blasting
  • Having friends all over the world
  • My engagement ring
  • Tuna salad

I guess that's it for now.  Lovin them Tuesdays. 🙂

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