3 thoughts on “Ants!

  1. did you just water?I hatehatehatehate ants!!fyi: Do you know that Vox will rotate photos for you? You have to view the picture, then select the Options dropdown, and Rotate Left (or right). It will auto-update the image in the post too.

  2. It had just finished raining when I took this one. These ants, we think, are nomadic. We see them moving their whole colony at least once a week. It's kind crazy.
    I didn't realize that Vox would rotate the pictures, but this one doesn't actually need rotated. The ants are crawling on a hurricane shutter that's on the ground. The brown underneath is mulch and the white-ish round thing in the top right corner is a little statue. I'm bringing you nature just the way I saw it. 🙂
    I'm not a big fan of ants either, but Kiddo saw them and I was indulging her, lol.

  3. The last time I watered my front yard, I had about 5 areas that were like this – including 2 under my dining room windows and my ENTIRE porch. did I mention I HATE ANTS.

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