Park City Day Six – The Ring

Today marked the triumphant return of Kiddo to the slopes!  We all did this cool Mountain Tour thing where you get to stay on the easy runs but you still get to see pretty much a majority of the mountain.  As per the norm, photos are posted at

I made super-duper chili this morning at 8 and we left it in the crock pot all day.  For my first time making chili, it was damn delicious!  So after I finished up with the chili this morning, we all went out.  The wind and snow had picked up again but we hit it hard anyways.  Around two-thirty we decided to take a break and get some lunch.  We went to the Summit House (picture on Flickr).  It's a neat little place that's cafeteria-like but still with real plates and silverware.  We finished up and went back outside to strap up.

Lovey was off to the side and called me over.  I was being stubborn because I wanted to get back on the mountain, but he was persistent so I went over.  He was floundering around like he needed help with something and told me to look in his front jacket pocket.  I didn't think twice about it as we had been digging in each others' pockets since we've been here.  I was surprised at what was in his pocket this time though. 

Small, red box.  Yep, that's right!  I got engaged!  He's such a stinker.  He tricked me into thinking that he wasn't gonna do it (and I had actually gotten a bit upset about it), but it's all good.  The very first time we had spoken of getting married, I told him that I didn't want a regular ring.  I wanted something that would be different than everyone else's.  I actually showed him what I would like and that's exactly what he got me. :-)  It's late and I gotta go snuggle.  That third picture is the ring on my fat hand.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Till tomorrow…



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  1. HAHAHA, this is how non-girly I am. I'm walking around not using my left hand for fear of hitting the ring on something. Lovey says don't worry about it, diamonds are hard. Well, duh, I was more concerned about scratching up the ring part. To which he repsonded, it's platinum, it'll be fine. WHAT?!?! Yeah, I'm that retarded that I didn't even know. I had said white gold was cool, and mentioned platinum kinda jokingly. He must really lurve me!!
    And more thank you's to the congrats. ๐Ÿ™‚

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