Park City Day Seven – Fin

Today has been a laid-back and kinda sad day.  Our friends/condomates left this afternoon for Miami.  We'll be leaving at 10am tomorrow.  Needless to say (so then why are you saying it?!?!), we don't want to leave.  But, we haven't hit the lottery lately so it's back on the plane and back to Miami we go. 

We had originally planned on hitting the slopes one last time today, but soreness and laziness got the best of us.  Instead, we just hung around the house and tried to eat all the extra food that we have.  We're still left with a bowl of chili and some eggs and waffles.  We did a pretty good job of rationing our vittles well.  I've done more cooking on this vacation than I ever do but I didn't mind since I don't usually have the kitchen duties.  The condo that we've been staying in has enough dishes to feed about 20 so we haven't had to waste a lot of water running the dishwasher either which was nice.

In the late afternoon, we did make it to the base of the mountain for one more go-round and to go to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  I first found this place in Crested Butte, CO, and damn!  I'm not big on chocolate, unless it's chocolate covered pretzels, which they have.  Even better than the chooclate, for me anyways, is the caramel apples.  I LOVE THEM!!!  For a mere $25 we got:

  • 3 apples – 2 plain caramel (me) one with caramel, white chocolate and crushed up Oreos (for Kiddo)
  • One chocolate covered pretzel stick (me)
  • One mini-pretzel stick (Kiddo)
  • One pecan turtle (me/Lovey)
  • 3 chocolate dipped graham crackers (Kiddo/Lovey)

I may eat both apples tonight and then get more in the airport in Salt Lake City because they're that good and I am a pig. 

Packing and making preparations to leave is sad.  This trip has been so special for so many different reasons.  Believe it or not, we're already starting to make plans for next year's trip.  Some people that weren't able to make it this time have seen the pictures and have set themselves to be making the trip next year.  It should be a blast.

These will eventually make it to Flickr too, but for now, I'm just going to post them here.  I was so sad I could only take a couple pictures.



Tomorrow, we get home so late there won't be any posts about TSA, stinky guys on airplanes, or anything else.  Saturday I have to go get my nails done so I can show off my ring. (I have some stupid thing with my nails that they look like all my fingers got smashed in doors.  Been that way since I was 3, so I'm used to it, but they have to get pretty to match the jewel.)  At some point this weekend, I hope to see the Jacksonville Jaguars take it to those nasty red, white and blue wearing mother-farging corksucking iceholes just like they did to my poor hapless Steelers.

Thanks to all for joining me on my Park City journey.  It's been real and we can do it again next year!

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  1. sounds like you had a really nice time 🙂 oh, i TOTALLY got my nails done after i got engaged. hehe. i don't do it so much anymore… manis make my cuticles WORSE, believe it or not. they look fab for a few days and then they look awful… but, anyway, the pics look great and all those candied apples and candies sound delish 😀

  2. PS – your secret is safe – nobody at work knows about the ring, so you KNOW that nothing will get done on Monday except a lot of chatter about the engagement!

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