Things on Tuesday – The Pole Dance Edition

Mmmmm, writing prompts are delicious. Without further ado…

Nailing that new move

  • Six packs – Both of beer and the abs I can almost see…first thing in the morning after I haven’t eaten for more than 10 hours.
  • Saving lives – Signed up to get CPR (re)certified this weekend.  I get AED training too.  Lookout y’all, I’m talented!
  • Sharing the love – Teaching two classes this week! Yay! Also getting my own pole love in today in studio.
  • Office Friday – I get two a week since the return of Work From Home Wednesday.  The first one doesn’t bring a weekend, but it does afford me the opportunity to control the heat and wear (or not wear) whatever I want.
  • Colorado – I just love you.
  • Mini vacation – Aaaand before we turn around, it’ll be time to go to Florida.  Looking forward to coffee on the porch, seeing some folks, doing some writing, but probably not relaxing, lol.  If the weather’s nice though, maybe we get out on the boat.
Bruises and missing skin
  • Ants and spiders – Where the hell did they all come from?!?!  I know it’s getting cold out and they want somewhere warm to go, but that is NOT inside my house!  Spiders are smart; they run when they see me coming.  Ants just kinda hang out and that’s why they die.  Sorry guys.
  • Hackers – Someone hacked my iTunes account (why don’t I just close that?!?!  It isn’t as though I’m EVAR going back to an iPhone, and Spotify is much more handy for me than iTunes anyway).  Jerks.  Disputed.  Thanks for the email, iTunes, that says my account was accessed by someone in a country that was just characters.  Ever think about not putting that transaction through?  Whatevs.  Android awaaaaaaaaayy!
  • Herman Cain, PSU, asteroid close encounters – WTF man.
Get your things on; it’s Tuesday!

Things on Tuesday – The Winter Weather Advisory Edition

Sometimes, or make the most of the time, I need a writing prompt.  Back in the Vox days, we had plenty of them.  Questions of the day and such.  Things on Tuesday was one of them so I figured it was high time to bring it back.  It’s a positives and negatives kind of thing because, no matter how much positive juju we exude, the reality is that there will always be a little negativity.  It’s what we do with the negativity that matters.  I like to throw it against the wall and watch it shatter into pieces like a beer bottle against railroad tracks, but that’s neither here nor there.  So without further ado:

Forgot to put my wipers up, forgot my scraper, and my battery is dead:

  • SNOW?!?!  It’s just October and it’s going to snow tonight, or so they say.  Since meteorology is such an exact science (insert eye roll here), they’re just saying it’s going to snow.  Could be 2 inches, could be six, could be a foot.  Who knows.
  • Cash in hand that’s now in someone else’s hand.  Almost two bones to “winterize” the car and not a moment too soon.
  • Owwww.  That’s what my side says right above my right hip.  Damn you, leg hangs.
Car turns right over and my scraper has a mitt to keep my hand warm and dry:
  • SNOW!!!!  I don’t care about driving in it; I’m a country girl.  Power slide into the driveway?  Yep.  That means it’s just that much closer to a snowboarding trip.
  • The car didn’t need any major repairs.  Yet.  I’m thinking it’ll last through this winter and then I can deal with perhaps riding my bike to work.
  • Abs/obliques.  I can see them.  I can also feel them.  They hurt.  I have a waist again.  Thanks, LA Boxing.
  • Pole mania.  I shall continue to conquer moves.  I’m really a fan of the extended butterfly right now.  Perhaps I’ll try building up more strength.  Enough to, gasp, Iron X.  Aim high!
  • I have my tickets.  To the gun show.  Bwahahahaha, hi Cotto!
  • October goals.  Goes in good over bad.  Traded P90X for boxing since I’m still paying for boxing.  The outline is still being put off.  I am so damn close to that split.  I think I may have felt my front leg touch the ground on Saturday.
  • Work.  It’s good.  One day in the near future, I may tell you how good it is.
  • Recruiting.  I do this constantly.  I think I have someone else heading to the studio soon.  Weeeeeeeee!
  • Speaking of the studio, yay for teaching on Wednesdays next month!  Get your level 2 game on and come to class with me!
  • Leg warmers and cute booty shorts.  Got a hookup.  Who’ll be the cutest pole dancer in Colorado?  Oh, hai, that’ll be me.
  • Goodbye iPhone.  No thanks, HTC.  I love my Samsung.  Didn’t think I’d be saying that, but I am.
  • THE RAVENS LOST TO THE JAGUARS!  Woot!  Steelers in first place in the division and all is right with the world.
And time is up.  Have a great day folks!

Things on Tuesday – My birthday edition

A lot of ladies stop celebrating at 29.  This is the year I quit celebrating until I stop regularly getting asked for ID. 😀

The Shiznit

  • Birthday wishes from all over the country.  I love my friends and miss them so much!
  • Coupons for Borders (my favorite bookstore) and a great big gift card to the same.
  • Figuring out a date (finally!)
  • Coupons for Victoria's Secret
  • Coupons for Macys
  • A quite possible but really not affordable shopping spree
  • Family
  • I AM EDUMACATED!!  Associate's degree complete in 5 days!!


  • Lovey had to travel today for work.  He's pretty bummed…of all the days.
  • Having to come to work today (even though I'm thankful to have a place to go to work)
  • Really?  Stop coughing!  Or go home.  You're so gross.
  • Brrrrrr.  Cold in here.

Meh, that's all I've got.  Have a great day everyone!!

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These things, this Tuesday

Could do without:

  • Gross guys in the street that pssssst at me as if I will dignify that with a response
  • The entire block smells like ketchup from McDonalds
  • General feeling of yuck regarding my stomach…hopefully putting some bread in there will calm it down
  • Sleeping wrong and having neck pain for three days now
  • Missing the annual reunion with my peeps worldwide.  Sadness. 🙁
  • Bicycle crashes that shatter kneecaps…not mine.  Poor BruddaShyner.
  • My own indecision on whether or not to go under the knife

So happy I have:

  • MommaShyner
  • BruddaShyner
  • Kiddo
  • Lovey
  • A home
  • A vehicle
  • A job (even if I don't like it at times)
  • Love
  • Life
  • The opportunity to get a degree…better late than never.  Just about halfway done.
  • A few friends here and there and hopefully the chance to hang out with one in a few more days
  • Found something at least somewhat interesting that, after 16 years of working already, I might decide on as a career
  • Made it through another month

Peeking over the horizon:

  • Probable augmentation in 28-35 days…hahaha, a doctor's office just called me
  • 70 days till my birthday
  • 75 days till the Associates
  • 122 days till vacation
  • 498 days till the Bachelors
  • 661 days till we can probably move
  • Lots of learning to come

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Things on Tuesday – end of August?!?!

Waiting in line:

  • Aaargh, my knee.  It's being a little funny recently.  Aspirin kills it sometimes.  Anti-inflammatory helps sometimes.  Ben Gay whole knee wrap may help.  Hanging upside down by my ankle with my full body weight on that knee is probably not helping.
  • Kiddo has taken to questioning me.  Lord help me to not smack her teeth out of her mouth.  My word is rule!
  • Teachers who wait until the last minute to grade my work.  I didn't wait till the last minute to turn it in, dammit!
  • Oh, economy, please get better soon.
  • Wanting to do 85,000 things and having zero creativity and even less time.
  • Too many fees at Kiddo's school.  Fees for freaking everything!

Riding the coaster:

  • Got my Wii Fit!!  Can't wait to go home and try it out.
  • 110 days until I'm halfway done with my degree!
  • Super nice thank you notes. :-)  It may take a couple years to get to taco Tuesdays, but I hope to one day.
  • Being right.
  • CIRCUS!  Finally got that damn chute half-turn (and the camera was rolling!). 

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