Things on Tuesday – My birthday edition

A lot of ladies stop celebrating at 29.  This is the year I quit celebrating until I stop regularly getting asked for ID. 😀

The Shiznit

  • Birthday wishes from all over the country.  I love my friends and miss them so much!
  • Coupons for Borders (my favorite bookstore) and a great big gift card to the same.
  • Figuring out a date (finally!)
  • Coupons for Victoria's Secret
  • Coupons for Macys
  • A quite possible but really not affordable shopping spree
  • Family
  • I AM EDUMACATED!!  Associate's degree complete in 5 days!!


  • Lovey had to travel today for work.  He's pretty bummed…of all the days.
  • Having to come to work today (even though I'm thankful to have a place to go to work)
  • Really?  Stop coughing!  Or go home.  You're so gross.
  • Brrrrrr.  Cold in here.

Meh, that's all I've got.  Have a great day everyone!!

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