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Tids and bits about stuff that goes on.

  • Sunday at breakfast, we were being treated to the best of Sirius Love, crappiest love songs ever.  I Don't Know Much by the legendary Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt came on.  Of course, Kiddo knows nothing of this song.  Crap, a couple of you might not either.  Anyway, I was doing the second verse during the first (Linda's part) and Kiddo couldn't figure out why I was doing it.  Until, of course, the second verse rolled around and she nearly shot cafe con leche out her nose.
  • Oooh, Cirque was awesome on Saturday.  That deserves its own post later.  Ewww, saw a scary dude from work during intermission.  Blecch.
  • Went to the reptile shop on Sunday to get some food for the snake.  There was the cutest little girl in there, walking around holding a pinkie (super baby rat).  And she kept saying that she wanted to give it to Noodle.  Took a second for me to figure out that Noodle was one of the snakes.  Most awesome name for a pet snake ever!
  • Man we had some fantastic sushi on Saturday night.  And egg rolls.  And pad thai.  And thai donuts.  OMG delicious.


Oh, and it's 99% official now.  5/22/10 is the day we take over Vegas. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Life bits

  1. are you seriously going to make me go look up those damn lyrics to see what you were singing?!?!glad you liked Cirque!! (the sound must have been better at your showing than mine; or you didn't have a yoyo fall in front of you, pick it up, toss it back, then miss your seat so you fell on the floor with everyone watching). I really want one of those outfits the girls in the chandeliers wear. Didn't the big floating angles look like christmas ornaments?!?

  2. You don't have to look them up, that's why I put a link in there silly. 🙂
    Sound was great and there were no yoyos. And I loved the chandelier girls too!! I so want to learn the cyr wheel. Tee hee, I hadn't thought of them as christmas ornaments, but it's pretty fitting.

  3. I just got an email from Cirque with "holiday specials" pricing. Looks like Saltimbanco is going to be near you in May-June/09. Tix are available at discount through the end of this year:Find out more about our Holiday offers, including special pricing for some of our shows across North America, even in Las Vegas! *

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