Who Stole My Weekend?!?

Seriously, who stole my weekend? I swear it was just Friday at 6 a minute ago and now it’s already after 7 on Sunday. I didn’t accomplish everything I should have done, but I had fun.

I need to talk stretching here for a minute. All of the muscles from my knees to my hips are tight so I use a foam roller. I stretch for splits 3 times a week (after a 30 minute warmup and using a trusted stretching video). This equals I stretched on Friday and on Saturday night, I was up a few times because my hips or possibly hip flexors wanted to have a chat. We’re hoping that doesn’t happen again. I could be dehydrated though. I’m bad about that on the weekends for some reason. Perhaps an Aleve before bed because I’m frigging old all of a sudden.

Just an absolute plethora of work is what there is to look forward to this week. But there’s also the snowboarding possibility to look forward to and that makes things all better. Except maybe not my hips. Probably does not make them all better. Or my front foot knee. But that’s what braces and hot tubs are for.

It’s a weekend. That means short posts. Enjoy what remains of the weekend.

But I’m Not Ready

I’d like to order one more day in the weekend, please. Pretty sure that most folks would agree with this request. Or, at least, most folks that are tied to a 9-5 gig.
We did have a nice weekend. Relaxing, outside of the drive up and back, and everyone came away with a feeling of accomplishment. Now here we are, settled in and mentally prepping for the week ahead.
Honestly, I need more prep time so I’ll check ya out tomorrow. 

Weekend – In 2 parts

While, yes, the weekend technically consists of Saturday and Sunday, my weekend really only consists of Saturday being active and Sunday recovering from any Saturday madness.  Such is the case with this weekend.

Sidebar: Wait, before I continue on, does really enjoying Jeremiah Weed tea/lemonade make me a hick?  I think that’s what the commercials are telling me.  If I keep drinking it I’m gonna grow a beard and a pot belly and perhaps my flannel shirt will fill out with moobs?  That would suck.  I’m not going to stop drinking it.  I’ll let you know what happens.

Saturday morning, I arose early (for at least the fifth week in a row…I need to give myself a break and sleep in one time)

Another sidebar: We were just discussing what to have for dinner. I was thinking I might have a bowl of cereal. Lovey said that a bowl of cereal wasn’t dinner so I said I’d have two bowls of cereal to make it a full meal. This is perfect logic, isn’t it?  Is watching Ricky Bobby making me dumber?

to travel on down to Parker to attend a stretching and flexibility workshop

Sorry, but sidebar: Playgirl is for gay men?  I seriously thought it was for dirty girls like myself.  I’m stunned by this.  I’m cool with sharing though.  Just not Lovey. 🙂

lead by the one and only Michelle Stanek.  2011 USPDF Amateur Champion.  Winner of the PFA’s Pole Drama Competition. Yep, I think she’s qualified.  Let’s start with it’s Sunday evening and I’m MEGA sore from STRETCHING!  But it was oh, so worth it.  We did some serious straddle split and side split stretching.  Then there were the bridges.  Ouch.  I really need to work on that.  I’m encouraged to work more on my stretching as during the workshop I was close to actually getting into the side split.  Close enough that Michelle asked if I had my split and said I’d have it in no time.  *starstruck moment*

It’s likely that I’m extra sore because I pushed too hard, stretched a little too far.  Partner stretching probably isn’t the best idea for me because I’ll just keep relaxing into the stretch and go too far.  Or am I supposed to just keep that stretch going until I reach my goal position and just not be able to walk for a while until I get there?  Decisions, decisions.

Well, while I decide, I also get to decide already made a decision on something else.  Something so exciting and so fun.  But since it isn’t totally official yet, I am not going to say what it is just yet.

And all of this was before noon!!


Life bits

Tids and bits about stuff that goes on.

  • Sunday at breakfast, we were being treated to the best of Sirius Love, crappiest love songs ever.  I Don't Know Much by the legendary Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt came on.  Of course, Kiddo knows nothing of this song.  Crap, a couple of you might not either.  Anyway, I was doing the second verse during the first (Linda's part) and Kiddo couldn't figure out why I was doing it.  Until, of course, the second verse rolled around and she nearly shot cafe con leche out her nose.
  • Oooh, Cirque was awesome on Saturday.  That deserves its own post later.  Ewww, saw a scary dude from work during intermission.  Blecch.
  • Went to the reptile shop on Sunday to get some food for the snake.  There was the cutest little girl in there, walking around holding a pinkie (super baby rat).  And she kept saying that she wanted to give it to Noodle.  Took a second for me to figure out that Noodle was one of the snakes.  Most awesome name for a pet snake ever!
  • Man we had some fantastic sushi on Saturday night.  And egg rolls.  And pad thai.  And thai donuts.  OMG delicious.


Oh, and it's 99% official now.  5/22/10 is the day we take over Vegas. 🙂

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The last few days have been, well, somewhat ridiculous.  Let's see….

  • Friday – hey, it's the start of the weekend, woo hoo, let's go!  Except my car won't start.  Get a jump (because it's always the battery no matter what's REALLY wrong) and head home.  On the way home, car stalls out.  Won't turn over.  Yikes!  Fortunately, I'm going downhill and have a stick shift and grew up with all boys and know how to pop the clutch.  Got it home.
  • Saturday – well, it's still the weekend.  Let's run some errands and get some battery terminal cleaner to fix up the Scoot Mobile.  Get the bikes tuned up and ready for the week in the Keys.  And, oh delicious fatness, the chicken wing cook-off.
  • Sunday – finish up some homework, lay around contemplating what to do.  Do nothing.
  • Monday – back to the grind.  Everything seems normal.  The Scoot Mobile hiccups one time but gets home with no other problems.  One of my houseplants died.  The horror!
  • Tuesday – hey, the Scoot Mobile needs gas so leave the house early to stop at the gas station.  Throw in $20 worth and hop back in to find that….IT WON'T START!  Luckily the gas station is only about 3 blocks from the house so back to the house I hoof in heels.  Poor Lovey.  He came over to the station to give me a jump, but alas, there was no jumping to be had.  In the end, he pushed me home with his truck.
    • Tuesday (cont) – gotta fix it, gotta fix it, gotta fix it.  The Scoot Mobile is an old girl but it's kind of like dog years.  She's old for, maybe a Chevy, but for a Honda, 14 years is a spring chicken.  Lucked out in that the place by the house could see her and did and quickly and best of all, for under $200 fixed her up.  Not only did they fix the problem (bad ignition switch) but they also tightened up everything so it feels like I'm driving a new car!  They rock.  They get to fix Scoot from now on.
  • Wednesday – hey, that's today!  It's quiet, thankfully.  Me and Scoot came to work with no problems.  We just found out that we get to leave at 1 tomorrow (although coming in at 7:30 makes this not as great) and a romantic weekend with Lovey is a mere 30 hours away.  I'm loving life at the moment.  Oh yeah, kinda funny that MommaShyner is now playing the Plurk game too.  She's funny.  Wanna see her?  Love my MommaShyner although she needs to match her makeup color a little better.
  • Mom


I hope that your day is filled with cool stuff!  There's only a little bit of madness left until a nice, long weekend.  Mount up!

* – Hectosity is the crazy state of hectic-ness

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