Who Stole My Weekend?!?

Seriously, who stole my weekend? I swear it was just Friday at 6 a minute ago and now it’s already after 7 on Sunday. I didn’t accomplish everything I should have done, but I had fun.

I need to talk stretching here for a minute. All of the muscles from my knees to my hips are tight so I use a foam roller. I stretch for splits 3 times a week (after a 30 minute warmup and using a trusted stretching video). This equals I stretched on Friday and on Saturday night, I was up a few times because my hips or possibly hip flexors wanted to have a chat. We’re hoping that doesn’t happen again. I could be dehydrated though. I’m bad about that on the weekends for some reason. Perhaps an Aleve before bed because I’m frigging old all of a sudden.

Just an absolute plethora of work is what there is to look forward to this week. But there’s also the snowboarding possibility to look forward to and that makes things all better. Except maybe not my hips. Probably does not make them all better. Or my front foot knee. But that’s what braces and hot tubs are for.

It’s a weekend. That means short posts. Enjoy what remains of the weekend.

Say What?