Super Saturday

Not to be confused with, yeah, I’m gonna say it, Superbowl Saturday. Come get me, NFL. And while we’re chatting, I’ve got some ideas for you.

A grand Saturday as Saturdays go was today. Slept in, although that’s only until 9 it still counts for me because my usual time during the week is 5am. Treated it like a weekday and rocked the workout which was OMG WTF? I hate burpees and when you combine boxing, which I love, and burpees which I hate, it just destroys the fun of the boxing for me. Did it. Just like to complain. And I’m gonna be pretty smokin’ for the cruise in 126 days. I’ll be sure to brag about share some photos with you.

Got a little writing journal for the writing lab and sent off some promised DVDs. I think I’m doing pretty good this year with following through on my promises to people. I know that I’ve been previously bad at it, so if you’re reading this and I promised you something and didn’t follow through – first, I apologize, and second, remind me what it was. I may have been at a different position then so I may not be able to follow through with every promise.

Finally got my car washed even though it’s just going to snow again in another couple of days. I just couldn’t take it any more. Accidentally rubbing against the car, particularly in my white jacket, became a disaster. Tipped the guy and he acted like no one ever tips him. I mean, I wouldn’t really be all that surprised if a lot of people either didn’t tip or undertipped since a lot of people can’t get restaurant tipping right. Just makes me happy that that small, to me, gesture, made him smile.

Thought I’d do a little baking, so I’m making the most delicious brownies on earth. While putting ingredients together, I wondered why in the world I had enough flour for two cakes and 7 loaves of bread. I must be falling behind with my baking. I just need to figure out how to make some healthier yumminess. Then I’ll be a baking maniac.

Anywho, my timer’s going off and I’ve still got more writing to do. Hope your Saturday was super as well.

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