ROCO Friday – The Six Day Short Week

Holy moly, TGIF!! Also, TGIFOHTPYV! (Thank goodness I figured out how to post YouTube Videos)

Could someone please explain to me how a four day work week somehow felt like six days? With not having to go to work on Monday as it was the celebration of the birthday of you ain’t never met no Martin Luther The King, one would think that the remaining four days in the week would speed right by. WRONG! It really and truly felt as though there was possibly an extra day between Wednesday and Thursday trying to make up for Monday. I know this one isn’t just me. Mom says so too in her text this morning. Hi, Mom! I love you!

Perhaps this week has felt long due to added responsibilities at work. I suppose being there late and then having enough time to come home, make dinner, eat, shower, and pretty much go to bed will make it seem as though it’s just one long work day. It’s awesome being in pseudo-charge! Speaking of being in pseudo-charge, it’s a short post day because I gotta get rocking on the work stuff.

Have yourself a great Friday and ROCO!!


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