38.59 – Where’s my Ben Gay?

And I’m not talking about some strange combination of #7 and #22.

This morning, after months and months of pretty much not doing anything physical, I thought it would be a good idea to go to a cardio boxing class.  <insert coughing and gasping for air here>  Kicked. My. Ass.  There were some really cool things about the class such as the music.  It started off hip-hop and it seemed that right when I was going to collapse from exhaustion, the music switched over to some RATM and NIN so I could suck it up and use that rage on the heavy bag.  After 45 minutes of punches, squats, lunges, jumping and circling the bag, it was time for abs!!  Did I make it all the way?  Well, let’s just say I didn’t fully quit.  I had to take some breaks, but overall, a good job.  I’m looking forward to Monday. If I can lift my arms and get rehydrated, that is.  Hello, Gatorade.

It shall not go without being said. HERE WE GO, STEELERS. HERE WE GO!!!

I must go rest.

Say What?