Great Service

Randy says it’s not on, but it’s on. Fortunately, I can’t recall a time where the service was so bad that I would write about it, but I can certainly remember when it was awesome.

Picture it: Mexico. July. Hotter than your taint. I’m getting hitched. So, we didn’t just get a couple of hours of good service, nor did we get a day of good service, we got an entire week of awesome service. Now, I’m not dumb. I realize that being the bride gets you some privs, but it isn’t even as though I was the only one that day. Although certainly we had the best ceremony, or at least according to the new groom whose bride we royally pissed off with our ceremony.

About that service, the pool butler knew us by name. Anything we asked for, we got. More food? Pile it on. Oh, the Mixteca. That sandwich I would eat it every day. By the third day, when we went to breakfast, even though we didn’t see the same waiter every day, they knew I wanted the green juice. By the way, still not sure what all was in it but it was delicious and healthy, or so they said. Oh, you don’t like the pillow you picked? Let’s get you a new one. We know that housekeeping is a pain in the ass when you’re on vacation, so what time works for you guys for us to come by? Oh, hey, you wanna walk around your room naked AND get room service? Sure, we’ll just put all your stuff in this little window and turn the light on so you can get it at your leisure.

Now, not about my receipt of great service, but of this hotel continuing to provide great service. A couple saw our ceremony, which had been planned ahead, months in advance, and they went to the planner and said we want that ceremony too. Tomorrow. And you know what? They gathered it all up – the decoration, the shaman, the dancers, everything, and they gave that couple the wedding also. Now that, my friends, is what we call great service.

It’s a date!

And that date is May 22, 2010.

There it is folks, your unofficial official date for all things fun/crazy/silly/wild in Vegas as they relate to the wedding.  From what I understand, prices are more reasonable the weekend before a holiday weekend, and looking through some of the Vegas convention websites, it’s the only time in May that doesn’t currently have something booked that’s expecting over 10,000 people.

I do believe that I’m going to be doing the invites by hand, calligraphy-style, so if you would like to have actual proof that this is going down, please send me an email with the address that you’d like to have it go to. If there isn’t a link somewhere on this page, send it on over to me at  You guys rock!

So, I’m hearing good things about Mandalay Bay…Vegas folk, what say you?

Life bits

Tids and bits about stuff that goes on.

  • Sunday at breakfast, we were being treated to the best of Sirius Love, crappiest love songs ever.  I Don't Know Much by the legendary Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt came on.  Of course, Kiddo knows nothing of this song.  Crap, a couple of you might not either.  Anyway, I was doing the second verse during the first (Linda's part) and Kiddo couldn't figure out why I was doing it.  Until, of course, the second verse rolled around and she nearly shot cafe con leche out her nose.
  • Oooh, Cirque was awesome on Saturday.  That deserves its own post later.  Ewww, saw a scary dude from work during intermission.  Blecch.
  • Went to the reptile shop on Sunday to get some food for the snake.  There was the cutest little girl in there, walking around holding a pinkie (super baby rat).  And she kept saying that she wanted to give it to Noodle.  Took a second for me to figure out that Noodle was one of the snakes.  Most awesome name for a pet snake ever!
  • Man we had some fantastic sushi on Saturday night.  And egg rolls.  And pad thai.  And thai donuts.  OMG delicious.


Oh, and it's 99% official now.  5/22/10 is the day we take over Vegas. 🙂

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Lookit me, ma! I’m cross-posting!

I'm way too lazy to type things out twice, you can venture over to the other blog to see why I'm pulling my hair out.

I guess this isn't technically cross-posting.

Hey, there's four days left until Cirque and I MUST find a cute outfit.  It's a celebration after all.

Thursday I'm going to check out getting contacts.  Why?  Well, partially because I'm getting rather blind without my glasses and mainly because I'm so vain.  I think I look so much cuter without my glasses on.  And I miss having cute sunglasses.  All I have now are yucky clip ons that go over my regular glasses.

I. Am. Skerred.  The thought of something hanging out in my eye kinda freaks me out, but vanity will win over chickenshit-ness.

………………really? First, put your phone on vibrate.  This is an office.  Second, if you're having a business conversation, don't tell the person to wait while you answer your PERSONAL PHONE!……………………

Do you know that one night I dreamt of the formula for love?  Like it could be worked out mathmatically.  Of course, as with all the good dreams, that formula danced on the edge of the memory cliff and slipped off before I could remember it and get it written down.  Bad dreams stick around forever.  Bastards.

Btw, if you're interested in this sort of thing, the girls are doing fine.  I think that all swelling has subsided.  I'm sure I got out of this way better off than 90% of people who have it done and I'm thankful for that.

And with that, I leave you until later.

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Happy December

Well, kids, if you can believe it, there are only 30 days left in this year.  30!!  I was going to revisit my goals for the year, but I don't like to be depressed before bed.

So, let's talk about happy and cool stuff.

Do you have any idea what goes into planning a wedding?!?!  Yeah, me either.  But I'm finding out quick like and in a hurry.  There's a link over on the left to where I'll be blogging about planning it and all the madness that's involved.  I'm also taking hints and suggestions over there.

Right now, all I know is Vegas, 2010, togas and baked Alaska.  If you've gotten married out there or know someone that did, I would love to hear all about it over there.  And I'd love to meet you, my Vox neighbors.

December is mad busy.  We've got Cirque, I'm turning 35, Christmas, New Year's Eve, so much to do!!

But right now, I gotta do some relaxing.  I'll bend your ears a bit more later.


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