It’s a date!

And that date is May 22, 2010.

There it is folks, your unofficial official date for all things fun/crazy/silly/wild in Vegas as they relate to the wedding.  From what I understand, prices are more reasonable the weekend before a holiday weekend, and looking through some of the Vegas convention websites, it’s the only time in May that doesn’t currently have something booked that’s expecting over 10,000 people.

I do believe that I’m going to be doing the invites by hand, calligraphy-style, so if you would like to have actual proof that this is going down, please send me an email with the address that you’d like to have it go to. If there isn’t a link somewhere on this page, send it on over to me at  You guys rock!

So, I’m hearing good things about Mandalay Bay…Vegas folk, what say you?

Say What?