Happy December

Well, kids, if you can believe it, there are only 30 days left in this year.  30!!  I was going to revisit my goals for the year, but I don't like to be depressed before bed.

So, let's talk about happy and cool stuff.

Do you have any idea what goes into planning a wedding?!?!  Yeah, me either.  But I'm finding out quick like and in a hurry.  There's a link over on the left to where I'll be blogging about planning it and all the madness that's involved.  I'm also taking hints and suggestions over there.

Right now, all I know is Vegas, 2010, togas and baked Alaska.  If you've gotten married out there or know someone that did, I would love to hear all about it over there.  And I'd love to meet you, my Vox neighbors.

December is mad busy.  We've got Cirque, I'm turning 35, Christmas, New Year's Eve, so much to do!!

But right now, I gotta do some relaxing.  I'll bend your ears a bit more later.


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6 thoughts on “Happy December

  1. the only thing i've heard of, that stuck in my mind, was VerucaBlue (or was it you?) talking about a wedding reception where each table had a bottle of vodka and a shot glass per person. (I assume the shot glasses were the guest gifts.)That's my kind of party!

  2. fyi: Vegas.com is a FANTASTIC resource for things to do, and where to do them, and how much they cost…The have a special tab for Weddings (scroll down for links on the left)I Love the Vegas Guide section.Room rates on the site are guaranteed as lowest but I found I could save a few pennies (usually less than $5/night), and sometimes find better packages (free spa or workout club access; free meals) by booking directly with the casinos. But I use Vegas.com to first find out who has the best rates.AVOID FREMONT STREET LIKE THE PLAGUE!! That place is DISGUSTING and the area is very unsafe.

  3. yeah… i'm bored so you're getting more"Party Hotels" are Hard Rock & the Palms. Hard Rock is extra popular in summer months because of their pool parties. Luxor is said to smell of cig smoke the higher you get (cause the pyramid condenses the smell). Bellagio is known to have the best buffet (at about $28/person). MGM has a lot of shopping & dining (a mini mall). Ceasar's has a full mall but, overall, is kind of outdated. Bellagio has a lot of very expensive shops (I wasn't overly impressed with that hotel). I didn't spend much time at Paris. Never found The Venetian, which is supposed to be amazing.Paul Oakenfold (world renowned DJ) runs "Rain" nightclub (inside the Palms) on Saturdays – but he's rarely actually there. La Reve, at the Wynn, is a non-Cirque cirque show (produced by someone who was part of the original troupe but no longer is) – it's considered a kind of "secret" cirque show. NYNY has a good variety of clubs, nice rooms, and a great spa.

  4. I swear, I've told anyone and everyone who tells me they're planning a wedding!!Must have been VB. I recall her saying that her table ended up stealing vodka from the next table. I love the idea of personalized shot glasses as the guest gifts – extra appropriate in LV!!What kind of stuff do you want to do while you're there? I don't go often, and have never been with anyone (so sad!) but I have loads of acquaintances who go all the time. I can ask around for hotel/restaurant recommendations.

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