It’s (almost) official

I’m sure that a bunch of you are/were along the lines of thinking of “that lunatic will never settle down/find someone who will be able to put up with her/get married”.  Yeah, me too.  Well, times they are a changing, my friends.

While we haven’t set an exact date yet, Jorge and I will indeed be getting married in 2010.  Chances are great that it will be in March, April or May.  So, my Club Med people, my BVA people, my people from all over, consider yourself warned.

I welcome all knowledge about Vegas weddings, who has the best deals, when is really a good time to have it, weather, accomodations, all kinds of everything!

Because I do nothing in the way of normal people, I’m hoping for togas for the wedding.  I also may or may not do formal invitations.  If I decide that I am going to do such a crazy thing and you’d like one (even if for a keepsake, lol), please provide me with your address and I’ll send it along.  That being said, if I know you, you’re welcome to show up (but not you, DWK, or your clan).  Depending on what sort of response I get, I’ll see if I can get a group rate on rooms or some such.

So, take a poll, and check back often and I’ll keep you up to date.  Hope to see you in Vegas!

PS – If you’re going to take the poll, please let me know, especially if you’re saying yes! Comment below. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “It’s (almost) official

  1. I voted maybe… I’d LOVE to crash your wedding.

    More comments: I’d recommend April or May (prob May). Early March is “rainy season” in SoCal, which means it is in LV too. It can get BF cold in LV – hail/ice/torrential rain. Then again, that’s what taxis are for (and why there’s so much to do without ever leaving hotels). Spring is your best bet.

  2. Summer is definately HOT HOT HOT believe me I live thru it for 3-4 months of the year. Togas???? Try Ceasar’s Palace 🙂 it is all about togas there 🙂

    I vote hell yes!! I live here I am coming dammit! And its been way too long since I have seen you last. All I need is a date and I wil have the kids watched!

    I agree spring is a GREAT time out here, the weather is nice, sunny, not much in the way of monsoons. If you need anything please let me know and I can check it out for ya!

    Kim 🙂

  3. wow sunny! I’m very happy for you!!!! I as you know love a great party so I will make every attempt to be there.

    As far as invites go….. make them yourself!!!! A dear friend of mine did all hers for like 100 dollars and some toner! They make so many options to print yourself that a “pro” service should be saved for the bachelorette party.! Food for thought




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