6 thoughts on “Too good not to share

  1. I was only treated to the Sirius audio and watching the plays on the internet. Which actually wasn't too bad. I'm hoping to get 6 games on regular TV here and hit up the local bar for a few more.

  2. These would make wonderful posters. The game was great yesterday. I can sympathize about the lack of games. I am stuck paying Directv way too much money so I can watch the boys play.

  3. Oooh, Directv is the devil. We have it too. I wouldn't pony up for all the games when I'm anticipating 6 or more to be on regular TV. I may have to get a couple of the individual ones though.
    Do you at least get more than one 1pm game where you are?

  4. I get really bitchy if I know a game is on and I'm not watching it. So, for the sake of everyone around me, I get The Ticket. It doesn't change the idea that Directv is the devil. Yes, I usually get two 1pm games. But I'm in Utah so they always play the Donkeys first. I don't like the Donkeys.

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