And in this corner….

This bout is scheduled for, oh, I'd guess another 50 or so years.

In the red corner, weighing in at just under 7 pounds, the Wii Fit Balance Board!  WFBB has a record of outrageous sales, minimal complaints, and for some, actual exercise value.

In the blue corner, weighing in at about 3 pounds, my brain.  The Gray Matter has a record of crazy thoughts, funny outbursts, and mostly not going haywire.

Damas y caballeros, ahora veremos quien es el mas macho!

<cut to pre-recorded video>

Interviewer: So, are you ready for this battle?

WFBB: I'm about to show the brain the truth!

Interviewer: The brain is undefeated.  How do you feel about that?

WFBB: That's because the brain hasn't gone up against me.

<fade to black, fade back in>

Interviewer: Are you at all concerned about your upcoming bout with the WFBB?

Brain: Nah, man, I can take the BB.  I run this body!

Interviewer: The WFBB claims that you've been telling half-truths about the body.

Brain: Look, I was here before the WFBB and I'll be here after the WFBB.  We'll settle this in the ring.


Here's the thing.  My weight fluctuates between about 126 and 132.  6 freaking pounds.  You would think that 6 pounds wouldn't make that big of a difference in how I look.  WRONG!

This is where the fight between the brain and the WFBB comes in.  The brain will somehow think that we look awesome today, but WFBB will come in and say, "Awww, hell no.  You're on the high end of your limit today, fatty."  Other days, the brain will say, "Good Lord, are you putting on your winter weight?!?!" and WFBB says, "Hey, look at you all down at 126!"

Good God, I forgot where this post was going.




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3 thoughts on “And in this corner….

  1. lol. i almost bought an anti-slip pad for my "coworker with no balance"she said some of her friends have been repeatedly told that they're obese. i know that would be me (as i am grossly so). i think having that thing comment on my weight would piss me off fast – but not in a motivational kind of way. except maybe motivating me to unplug/ignore it.

  2. LOL, awesome.
    Well, it'll only tell you any comment of the sort if you enter your information like height and weight. I think that otherwise you can continue playing without the remarks. 🙂
    The yoga parts are pretty darn cool as well as the strength exercises. The balance (of which mine is not so good) games are just plain fun though.

  3. i want to try it cause i have really good balance. saw it all on sale at Target this week but just can't fork over $350 for it. $60 for a champagne tote? Sure! $350 for fitness? Noooo!

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