A Lunch Story

It would seem that everything funny happens at McDonalds.

I went there to pick up lunch because, well, I'm hungry and I'm gonna die one day anyways, so I might as well enjoy myself while I'm here.

Ordering was smooth and fast today and hooray, there's my order.  Even though it's only 2 things, I check the bag to make sure it's correct.  My fries don't look so good.  So I eat one.  Confirmation.  My fries are NOT so good.  For $1.89 and my health, I'll take fresh fries please, Alex.

So I sashayed right back up to the counter with those things they were trying to pass off as fries and said that I wanted new ones.  The girl at the counter (who I see nearly every time I come in there) informed me that all the fries looked like that today.  Well, fine, but you're at least going to give me some hot ones.  I'll wait.  I can see the fryer from here and I know they're almost done.

While I am waiting for new fries, up comes a lady to the front with her fries.  Apparently, I am not alone.  Following her was a guy with two orders of fries.  I didn't make a big stink, just asked for my fries to be replaced.  And while the other lady didn't make a big stink at the counter, her commentary walking away was priceless.

"Ya'll need to change the motherfucking oil or something.  This is MAC-DONALDS!"

Hahahaha, so this is who sets the quality standards for her food?  I shouldn't laugh.  That's actually a very sad statement. 

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5 responses to “A Lunch Story”

  1. hahah, I can just hear that. Y'all need to change the motherfuckin oil or something!!
    seriously though, you can tell when that needs to be done. especially if they are dark on the outside and raw on the inside, time for oil change fry guy!

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