A Lunch Story

It would seem that everything funny happens at McDonalds.

I went there to pick up lunch because, well, I'm hungry and I'm gonna die one day anyways, so I might as well enjoy myself while I'm here.

Ordering was smooth and fast today and hooray, there's my order.  Even though it's only 2 things, I check the bag to make sure it's correct.  My fries don't look so good.  So I eat one.  Confirmation.  My fries are NOT so good.  For $1.89 and my health, I'll take fresh fries please, Alex.

So I sashayed right back up to the counter with those things they were trying to pass off as fries and said that I wanted new ones.  The girl at the counter (who I see nearly every time I come in there) informed me that all the fries looked like that today.  Well, fine, but you're at least going to give me some hot ones.  I'll wait.  I can see the fryer from here and I know they're almost done.

While I am waiting for new fries, up comes a lady to the front with her fries.  Apparently, I am not alone.  Following her was a guy with two orders of fries.  I didn't make a big stink, just asked for my fries to be replaced.  And while the other lady didn't make a big stink at the counter, her commentary walking away was priceless.

"Ya'll need to change the motherfucking oil or something.  This is MAC-DONALDS!"

Hahahaha, so this is who sets the quality standards for her food?  I shouldn't laugh.  That's actually a very sad statement. 

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