If I Did It

Last night, we went out for dinner and a show.  Dinner was tasty and not the point of the blog.  We went afterwards to the Improv in the Grove to see Tommy Davidson.  I've been a fan of Tommy since back in the day so I was super excited for the show.  It got off to a rocky start as they say they had some sort of 'computer glitch' that kept us from getting in on time.  Typically not a problem, but we're in the middle of our 'cold snap' and my blood has thinned so I did get a little chilled. 

Anyways, after a 35 minute wait, we finally got in and got seated.  We were early enough in line to get to pick where we wanted to sit – off to the side and on the second level.  Perfect.  The opening comedian was decent, a local guy.  We lucked out that there was only one, usually there are two.  Just meant more TommyTime.

Yay!  Time for Tommy!  And to our screams and whistles, out he came.  This is the first time that I've seen Tommy in person.  I never realized that he was quite so thin.  But on a plus side, he has the cutest mischevious sparkle in his eyes.  As expected, he was hysterical.  He did some politics, some family, some current events and some not so current events.  He started talking a little smack about a time that he went somewhere with OJ Simpson.  Little did we realize that OJ was in the audience! 

We were sitting on the opposite side of the club, but could just make him out.  Kinda funny.  When the show was over, we had to walk down this skinny hallway.  And lo and behold, who's standing in the hallway but OJ.  He was hammered appeared to be three sheets to the wind enjoying his evening.  He's also proof that stress will age you.  He wasn't looking at his TV best.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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  1. tommy? like "in living color" tommy?? i loved that guy! damn, i missed another good show.and it's nice to see that OJ is making good use of his celebrity status. we are so lucky that FL allows convicted felons to keep their property.

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