Don't call it a comeback

Though they gave it all they had, Drnk's Drnks, much like Britney, couldn't pull it together for the win.  Drnk's week started badly with a dismal performance from Drew Brees who may see some bench time this week.  It certainly didn't help that Roboco's team, loaded with Chad Johnson and Plaxico Burress, had a HUGE week.  A die-hard Steelers fan till the end, Drnk found it tremendously difficult to watch the Monday night game, plagued with injuries, and cheer on the, gulp, Cincinnati Bengals.

This week, Drnk plays Fins Win.  I love that I play the two people that I know "in person" in the first two weeks.  It could be a weekend full of turmoil for the Drnk/Fin combination as we head off on a weekend vacation with only one laptop.

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  1. You thought you had it bad watching the Monday night game? I'm a Ravens fan. Everyone was crushed, and I was so hungover on Tuesday.
    Three cheers for this week's games. Good luck everyone! (I'm sizequeens).

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