Respect my fresh

A line taken from my brother but I really like it.

It's late in the day, but I was caught up in work all day, or until one when I left.  It's mini-vacation time folks.  We're headed off tomorrow morning for the weekend.  I'm going to try to remember to take pictures and if anything might be of interest, I may post next week.

Today my horoscope said something rather interesting.

Do not turn down any opportunities today, Shawneen, even if they seem like dead-end roads at first. This one could be your lucky break. Realize that success doesn't always have a big neon sign pointing you in the right direction. Prosperity simply comes because we act freely and instinctively. This is one of those days in which an unmarked door can lead you to the yellow brick road of happiness and well-being.

(Damn you Vox, I consider myself fairly intelligent, but I can't get my font back to what it was before the blockquote.)

So, this is cool because yesterday, I was given an opportunity for which I needed to follow up today and after reading that little tidbit, I followed through with full force.  Maybe after I have more details, I'll post about that too.

Last night was my first class of the second session of pole fitness.  I'm still up in the air as to if I will enjoy this session.  I already know it won't be as good as the first session since the teacher insists on calling me by the wrong name. (She puts an A at the end.  Even after I pronounced it correctly.  Even after I spelled it.  Even after she looked at it on paperwork I filled out.)  But it's a step towards being the Level 6 hoochie that I aspire to be. 🙂

In the studio where class is held, the walls are painted red and it looks like they were lightly sponged with black over it.  I guess the idea is to create a sexy atmosphere.  It does a decent job when the lights are dimmed or pointed in the right direction.  There's a floor-to-ceiling mirror all along the front wall also so that we can see what we're doing (or how badly we're doing it).

If you didn't already know, I live in Miami.  Home to Latinos and Blacks with a sprinkling of plain ole white folks as well as a few others.  So when you think about the women here, it's a lot of tits and ass.  Think Shakira, J-Lo, Beyonce (or Bouncy as my Pop called her).  Lotsa curves everywhere.

It was towards the end of class when we were all just kinda standing around not doing much when I looked up at the mirror.  Everyone could be seen, although only silhouetted.  This has never happened before and it will probably never happen again.  I thought to myself: Gee, maybe I need to gain some weight.  That's right, I said gain some weight.  In the land of salsa and merengue, I guess hips, ass and well, some belly work well.  I literally thought that I looked unhealthily skinny compared to these other women.  One woman has the kind of ass that each cheek waves to you for every step she takes.  Hi!!  Hello!  Hi there!  Hey, lookit me!

Now, the reality is that I'm a hair under 5'2" and I'm rocking a good 125, sometimes 130 pounds.  I'm pretty muscular due to 4 years of flying trapeze. 

I used to hand out tickets to the gun show.  After I stopped flying, I got soft, squishy even and went up to about 140.  When my mom asked my brother if I was pregnant, I knew that's when it was time to start working out again.

Presently, I'm what I like to call fit.  I'm happy with where I am for the most part (nothing a little boob job can't fix) and I just can't believe that I thought that last night.  I blame it all on my surroundings.  

You know, just like cocaine's a helluva drug, Miami's a helluva place to live.  It can bring you to the heights of your night, excite you, give you the shakes.  It could do absolutely nothing for you and leave you wondering what all the hype's about.  It can drain your wallet before you know what hits you.  And for some, it can be addictive.

But not for me.  I've seen what cocaine Miami has to offer and I tried it.  I thought it was cool for a while but now I'm just over it.  I'm ready to go cold turkey.  I'm ready.


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  1. as much as i love the vox… sometimes their formatting such arse!5'2" (i'm 5'3") and 130 on a good day? wow, you sound like me. now tell me your an archeress and you would be me!

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