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    Happy December

    Well, kids, if you can believe it, there are only 30 days left in this year.  30!!  I was going to revisit my goals for the year, but I don't like to be depressed before bed.

    So, let's talk about happy and cool stuff.

    Do you have any idea what goes into planning a wedding?!?!  Yeah, me either.  But I'm finding out quick like and in a hurry.  There's a link over on the left to where I'll be blogging about planning it and all the madness that's involved.  I'm also taking hints and suggestions over there.

    Right now, all I know is Vegas, 2010, togas and baked Alaska.  If you've gotten married out there or know someone that did, I would love to hear all about it over there.  And I'd love to meet you, my Vox neighbors.

    December is mad busy.  We've got Cirque, I'm turning 35, Christmas, New Year's Eve, so much to do!!

    But right now, I gotta do some relaxing.  I'll bend your ears a bit more later.


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