Lookit me, ma! I’m cross-posting!

I'm way too lazy to type things out twice, you can venture over to the other blog to see why I'm pulling my hair out.

I guess this isn't technically cross-posting.

Hey, there's four days left until Cirque and I MUST find a cute outfit.  It's a celebration after all.

Thursday I'm going to check out getting contacts.  Why?  Well, partially because I'm getting rather blind without my glasses and mainly because I'm so vain.  I think I look so much cuter without my glasses on.  And I miss having cute sunglasses.  All I have now are yucky clip ons that go over my regular glasses.

I. Am. Skerred.  The thought of something hanging out in my eye kinda freaks me out, but vanity will win over chickenshit-ness.

………………really? First, put your phone on vibrate.  This is an office.  Second, if you're having a business conversation, don't tell the person to wait while you answer your PERSONAL PHONE!……………………

Do you know that one night I dreamt of the formula for love?  Like it could be worked out mathmatically.  Of course, as with all the good dreams, that formula danced on the edge of the memory cliff and slipped off before I could remember it and get it written down.  Bad dreams stick around forever.  Bastards.

Btw, if you're interested in this sort of thing, the girls are doing fine.  I think that all swelling has subsided.  I'm sure I got out of this way better off than 90% of people who have it done and I'm thankful for that.

And with that, I leave you until later.

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14 responses to “Lookit me, ma! I’m cross-posting!”

  1. Hahaha! I can't believe you just had major surgery, voluntarily, and are afraid of contact lenses!!! (brings to mind Trainspotting when the junkie passed out at the sight of the nurse with a needle :-P)
    sorry, I just had to poke you a little bit on that one. 😉
    I have had contacts since I was 14 or 15, and that was back in the olden days when they were thicker than they are now. The worst part was getting fitted for them, because your eyes just aren't used to having foreign objects in them so I sat there in the waiting room while tears streamed down my face for about a half hour. After that, it was like nothing. It did take a while getting used to putting them in, and worse, taking them out. I always have to keep my thumb and forefinger nails short so I don't gouge out my eyes when removing them. But it has become like breathing to me, really. I can put them in while in a moving car in the dark with no mirror (and have). Good luck!

  2. I know, I know, I'm a spaz. 🙂
    Hey! I wasn't even awake during surgery. I gotta look at myself poking myself in the eye every day.
    (note to self: see Trainspotting)
    I hope it's as easy for me. Thanks!! 😀

  3. Um, lasik? HELL NO! I might get a boob sliced open but there's no way you're (or anyone is) getting a frickin laser anywhere near my eyeballs. There are some things about which I am a super chicken.
    I'm in SoCal light…Miami. 🙂
    For serious, just taking advantage of thinking I'm cute. I was a seriously ugly duckling growing up.

  4. lol – peoples hangups (including my own) make me laugh! I've worked in lasik for years (making/checking the machines) so I've always said I'd skip glasses/contacts and go straight to the surgery. but, then, i have referrals to the best docs in the country (it's never about the devices or procedures – always about the doctor/skill level).

  5. I hear ya on the doctors and skill level. Maybe one day, when I move out of Miami, I might consider it (but probably not). It's way too difficult to find a doctor around here (but not a plastic surgeon) that is trustworthy.

  6. Yeah, I've worn glasses or contacts for more than 30 years now. Three different times I've had insurance that would have paid for Lasik and every time <shudder> I could. not. do. it. Ugh!

  7. F-ing Vox.
    Um, no thanks. Nobody's turning me into a shark with a laser on its head or a member of the Borg.
    Anywho, contacts are working out fine; I've had them on for about 5 hours now. My eyes are mildly dry. Getting them out should be fun.
    And btw, my eye doc said I'm not a candidate for Lasik but I could do some crazy eye molding thing. For $4000. I think I'll stick to contacts.

  8. If the "eye molding" is what I think, it's still a pretty new technology. Though, technically, that's what lasik is too. If he said PRK, just scream NO… it's scraping layers of the eye off, via laser. VERY painful recovery.

  9. Yes, it is still pretty new. He's one of the few docs even doing it, but he's also using it himself so it doesn't seem too bad. No PRK, GMT for gentle molding therapy.
    Either way, it's too rich for my blood. And Lovey just watched me and the train wreck that is trying to get those mofos out. Under five minutes. Record time, lol.

  10. I think I'd do okay with contacts, cause I don't have issues about stuff touching my eyes, but my cornea has an odd shape so I doubt I could actually wear them.

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