The Choice Is Mine

This or that? This or that? The choice is mine.
For the last several Mondays, I’ve opened my closet and thought to myself, “Dammit! I didn’t get any shirts for work again!” And then I’d throw on something in my minimal rotation of appropriate work-wear. Last week, I started getting crafty and wearing shirts that weren’t exactly work-appropriate, but they weren’t bad enough that anyone would say anything. You know, because a cute sweater over anything makes it good to go, right?
Every time I have this conversation with myself, I sigh aloud and wish that I could just wear yoga pants. Then I consider a career in fitness. Then I eat cookies. That’s why I don’t have a career in fitness. I mean, I could, but starting fresh, it would take forever (and I might not even get there) to get back to making what I make now. And you know, car payments and rent and junk. Never, however, did I give up on my yoga pants dream.
Well then, what do you know? It looks like those yoga pants dreams are about to come true. It looks exactly like I’m about to have a new position. One that’s 100% (ok, maybe 99.2%) remote. Did I take a little pay cut? Yeah, but is it worth it? Hellz to the yeah. New learning and growth opportunities abound in the new position and I’m excited, yet scared and nervous all at the same time. I really and truly feel bad about leaving my current position. But it’s been rare (I’m looking at you job on Miami Beach and one in downtown Denver!) that I’ve been excited, nay, thrilled to give a two week notice. One other time, I actually cried. Those people were just the tits though. I love the BH family. This time, I’m torn.
There are many more positives than negatives in regards to my moving on, but I will certainly miss a handful of these folks. It’s weird to put myself in the category of ‘those who have fallen by the wayside’. But, being in that category gives me much more time to keep the house clean, to cook fun stuff, and to work on my flexibility because no one cares if I’m at home on the floor in a straddle stretch. In the office, I’m gonna get some side eye and possibly a reprimand for sure.
So, it’s a new and exciting adventure upon which I’m about to embark. Why not, right? New house, new job. Who knows what else might pop up. Besides a sexy new computer desk that I was eyeballing and now have a perfectly good reason to purchase. It’s going to be tough the first month or so, I’m sure of that. But I’m also sure that I can handle it. Do you know why?
Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me!


Oh man, oh man, ohhhhh maaaaaaaan.

Sometimes, there’s just a mental state that sets in and all one can do is sing along with something that requires only the tiniest amount of though. Enter the above. Plus it’s just fun to sing along with in its nonsensical way.

Something I learned the hard way last night is that I am no good the next day if I go to sleep, am woken from said sleep to do work, then have to try to go back to sleep. You see, I like my sleep which means I’m usually in bed by 10pm because 5am really does come pretty quickly. When my work phone rings at 11:30, I’m groggy at best and grumpy at worst. Then when I’m done with work at 12:15 and I go back to bed, it’s 45 minutes of tossing and turning and trying to relax and shut off my mind to get back to sleep. Yes! Being the boss is awesome.

This morning was my second go-round with Fit & Bendy. Knowing that the warmup in the video wasn’t quite enough for me, I knocked out 100 jumping jacks before I got started. Realistically, still not enough of a warmup, but better than nothing. Again today, I am feeling like I stretched and I could tell the difference from just one session in the opening of my upper back and shoulders. The real test will be to see if I get any movement from the upper back when I go to the chiropractor as he usually has a pretty tough time getting my upper back to adjust. That will be a small victory that ends up getting squashed by all of the other things that are out of place (right leg turns out, hips out of line, shoulders mild disaster). I am also seeing the tiniest bit of progress with my split as well, on both sides even! There’s a section for middle splits and I do that as well, however, I think that I fall into that category of people whose  femurs sit deep in the hip socket which in turn does not allow for center splits. I promise you that I am not simply making this up as an excuse. I have X-rays and MRIs that show exactly that, but I’ll still work on getting them as far as my body will allow.

Thursday. Thirsty Thursday. No. But I can’t think of a word that starts with “th” that applies to me going to the firing range. Thwack Thwack Thursday. And it’s been the kind of week where thwack, thwack, thwack is certainly needed. It’s the little things that let me blow off steam and help keep me sane. Little things…firing off that 9mm and pole dancing. It sounds funny, but you’d probably be surprised how many gun enthusiast pole dancers there are. I mean, without even thinking, I know of five. It’s always fun to see one thing bring people together to learn that they have so much more in common.

Throw your hands up and just say ho! Hasta mañana.

Jump!! Training

Ahh, Diamond Dave. With a split better than mine. Go head, DD. Couldn’t nobody mess with you back in the day. Well, you know, except Eddie and Alex. It has nothing to do with you that my favorite Van Halen song is actually a Van Hagar song, but Dreams, come on.

So it’s Tuesday and you  know what that means…plyometrics, aka jump training, aka all fucking squats, lunges, and jumping while doing them, aka this better make my ass look phenomenal. Seriously, by the time I finish this round, my ass better be damn near on my shoulders. I think it’s a more reasonable goal now that I can actually do squats. Three months ago, the area around my hips was so tight that I couldn’t even get into a squat properly. I was all head down, leaned over, and not even getting my quads parallel to the floor. Today, I can get past parallel. Or, I can when I properly handle the knot that’s currently residing in my left tensor fasciae latae and it’s being a total jerk at the moment. I need to talk my chiropractor into some Graston on that leg. Not because it causes me pain, per se, but because it’s hindering my split progress.

It’s Tuesday and that also means I get to go to Noodles and Company for some Thai Hot Pot. I don’t know what I’ll do with myself if/when they take that away. It is at about a 16 on a scale of 1 to 10 for a deliciousness factor. I couldn’t even put it into words. Just go find a N&C and find out for yourself. I don’t eat the peppers. I don’t know for sure what they are and I don’t want my mouth to be on fire.

And, it’s Zumba Tuesday. I missed the last two weeks as P90X was kicking my ass, but now I’m in the groove and I’m ready to get my cardio on and shake my ass. Makes me happy after a long day of sitting at a desk and banging my head against the nearest metal object.

Last night was a good night since I passed my level. However, last night was also a bad night since I remembered to take my glucosamine and fish oil pills that made my tummy rumble something fierce. Yikes. But, no bubble guts, no bubble butts. Of course that’s not true, but it rhymed.

Ok kids, I’m off to be productive. It’s Tuesday but it’s also my Thursday. Snowboard jumps, here I come!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

May those of you who celebrate or have the luck of the Irish have a wonderful day. Assuming that you’re not already hungover from the weekend.

Today is certainly going to be a manic Monday, although it’s really Manic Thursday which is a joke you will only get if you are deep inside the circle of trust.

I missed another day of blogging yesterday but I’m over beating myself up about it. Nothing of tremendous interest happened anyway. We cleaned both the front and back yard. I actually skipped going to the trapeze to help with yardwork. I’m quite possibly losing it.

It’s gonna be a short one today because today through Wednesday, the most senior member of my team is out so I’ll have a lot of slack to pick up. Wish me luck and no strangling.

Erin Go Braugh and green beer and all that jazz.

E’erybody In The Club

Yes, that song is absolutely my guilty pleasure. As a matter of fact, I may put it on repeat for my drive this morning. Not my usual 10 minute drive, today, I’m heading to…the south office. Going down there once or twice a month is something I agreed to when I accepted the promotion. Fortunately, it’s infrequent. There’s no snow on the ground (it’s supposed to be around 50 today), I have a full tank of gas, and, oh yeah, it’s my FRIDAY! So go ahead and hit replay on that tune up there.

Tomorrow – the Hallmark holiday of Hallmark holidays. We’re going snowboarding. Love is in the air, the thin, cold mountain air. Maybe I’ll draw a heart in the snow. Probably not. Snow angel? Possibly. Big body indentations from where I’ve crashed and burned? Boy I hope not.

I’ve never been big on this whole February 14 shenanigans. I am fairly certain that we love each other every day so we don’t need a “special” day to celebrate it. I mean, we have our anniversary (all three of them) to pick one to celebrate. Why follow the norm? Buck the trend! But I know there will still be cards and flowers and frilly cuz it’s just how we roll. And staycation. Because it’s nice to have someone else clean up after me if only for a day or two.

I thought that I was making this a four-day weekend as Monday is a holiday, but I got talked into coming in since we need coverage. It isn’t a tremendous deal as hubby has to work anyway and the office will be deserted AND I get the day back in PTO so it’ll just make up for some random summer day when I just don’t feel like going in. I know there will be those days when I would rather just go ride my bike or hang out at the trapeze. Last year I was able to do some half-day Wednesdays to get some flying in. I don’t think that’s gonna be accepted this year. Boo! Guess I’ll have to do my flying in the evening like the rest of the working stiffs.

Ahh, speaking of stiff, shoulder, PLEASE! It’s been two weeks! I think it’s likely that I have a bone bruise up there. Pretty sure I had never had this happen and now twice in four months. Either my luck or my balance is going downhill and I can’t quite decide which one. The craziest part is that once I’m up for a little while, it behaves a little better, but I must be doing all kinds of shoulder workouts in my sleep, because when I first get up it’s damn near frozen. Gotta love yoga and shoulder openers. Had my laptop not gone bonkers this morning, I would have had a great session. Instead, I waited a half an hour for stupid Windows updates and then I only had time to write. See that? I chose you guys over working out. Tough choice. 😛

Well, I’m even shorter on time than usual today so I’m gonna call this one. Wave if you see me (or hear me) coming down 25!

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