Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

May those of you who celebrate or have the luck of the Irish have a wonderful day. Assuming that you’re not already hungover from the weekend.

Today is certainly going to be a manic Monday, although it’s really Manic Thursday which is a joke you will only get if you are deep inside the circle of trust.

I missed another day of blogging yesterday but I’m over beating myself up about it. Nothing of tremendous interest happened anyway. We cleaned both the front and back yard. I actually skipped going to the trapeze to help with yardwork. I’m quite possibly losing it.

It’s gonna be a short one today because today through Wednesday, the most senior member of my team is out so I’ll have a lot of slack to pick up. Wish me luck and no strangling.

Erin Go Braugh and green beer and all that jazz.

E’erybody In The Club

Yes, that song is absolutely my guilty pleasure. As a matter of fact, I may put it on repeat for my drive this morning. Not my usual 10 minute drive, today, I’m heading to…the south office. Going down there once or twice a month is something I agreed to when I accepted the promotion. Fortunately, it’s infrequent. There’s no snow on the ground (it’s supposed to be around 50 today), I have a full tank of gas, and, oh yeah, it’s my FRIDAY! So go ahead and hit replay on that tune up there.

Tomorrow – the Hallmark holiday of Hallmark holidays. We’re going snowboarding. Love is in the air, the thin, cold mountain air. Maybe I’ll draw a heart in the snow. Probably not. Snow angel? Possibly. Big body indentations from where I’ve crashed and burned? Boy I hope not.

I’ve never been big on this whole February 14 shenanigans. I am fairly certain that we love each other every day so we don’t need a “special” day to celebrate it. I mean, we have our anniversary (all three of them) to pick one to celebrate. Why follow the norm? Buck the trend! But I know there will still be cards and flowers and frilly cuz it’s just how we roll. And staycation. Because it’s nice to have someone else clean up after me if only for a day or two.

I thought that I was making this a four-day weekend as Monday is a holiday, but I got talked into coming in since we need coverage. It isn’t a tremendous deal as hubby has to work anyway and the office will be deserted AND I get the day back in PTO so it’ll just make up for some random summer day when I just don’t feel like going in. I know there will be those days when I would rather just go ride my bike or hang out at the trapeze. Last year I was able to do some half-day Wednesdays to get some flying in. I don’t think that’s gonna be accepted this year. Boo! Guess I’ll have to do my flying in the evening like the rest of the working stiffs.

Ahh, speaking of stiff, shoulder, PLEASE! It’s been two weeks! I think it’s likely that I have a bone bruise up there. Pretty sure I had never had this happen and now twice in four months. Either my luck or my balance is going downhill and I can’t quite decide which one. The craziest part is that once I’m up for a little while, it behaves a little better, but I must be doing all kinds of shoulder workouts in my sleep, because when I first get up it’s damn near frozen. Gotta love yoga and shoulder openers. Had my laptop not gone bonkers this morning, I would have had a great session. Instead, I waited a half an hour for stupid Windows updates and then I only had time to write. See that? I chose you guys over working out. Tough choice. 😛

Well, I’m even shorter on time than usual today so I’m gonna call this one. Wave if you see me (or hear me) coming down 25!

Another Day in Pair Of Dice


No, I’m not in Vegas and it isn’t looking like I’ll get there in 2014. We certainly want to go back,though. It’s been 4 or 5 years since we’ve gone. This time, we’ll do it in the summer though so we can check out the pools. No swimming in January, that’s for sure (at least not for me).

Others on my list of places to go include, from near to far more or less, Garden of the Gods, Crested Butte, Park City, pretty much anywhere in Cali since I’ve never been there, Banff, New Orleans, the northeast adventure (PA/NY/DC), and pretty much all of Mexico. I’ll leave my outside of North America list for another day. Have passport, will travel!

Yes, I’m on that vacation kick because, well, I like vacation and work is slowly driving me insane and I STILL haven’t even started doing the new position yet, at least not full time. When I get to doing this full time, they may very well put the pedal to the metal and bump that mother up to 100, making my drive to insane a heck of a lot shorter. I’m hoping that isn’t the case, but a very wise man once told me “wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which fills up faster”. Translation: yes, it’s gonna suck. You said you’d go all in for a year so have at it. Just keep dancing.

Dancing. Exercise. Zumba. I love that class. And now I have something additional to work on because I can’t just go in there and move around and sweat and be satisfied. I want to actually LOOK LIKE I’m doing it right. Tough one since I’m not Hispanic nor do I have more than one ounce of rhythm. Such a shame. I did get a hint to help me along my way from my instructor (whose hips NEVA lie) who is also a Samba dancer. He said, and I’m making this up paraphrasing, get out of your gringa ways and move your hips in the way that is completely unnatural to you! Yeah, yeah. I get it. In my head. Now what my body wants to do is a totally different story. Just keep dancing, just keep dancing.

From dancing to other fun physical stuff: handstands. They’re something that I’ve wanted to be able to do for quite some time. Why? No reason. Just thought it would be cool to be able to bust one out whenever I feel like it. Maybe on the mountain with my snowboard on, who knows? I suppose I’ve just never really put the effort into working on them (and this week I haven’t been putting in effort to working out very hard), BUT, Aerial Amy (over there in the blogroll in case you don’t want to search for this post again) mentioned how she’s going to do the 28-day handstand challenge. We have different obstacles to overcome, but she’s starting on Feb 1 and so I think I’ll join her. Perhaps Nina would like to join too. 🙂  Still a couple days to figure it out. Yes, I am going to add one more thing to the daily repertoire. Workout, stretch, handstands, write, breakfast, work, lunch, work, Zumba/pole/aerial, dinner, write, sleep. Totally do-able (insert eyerolling emoticon here). If I were feeling really outrageous, I’d add the 750 words a day challenge for February as well, but I think I’ll stick to just getting some (at least 100) words down a day.

Yesterday I realized that I hadn’t broken my goals down by month. Today seems like a good time to do that since there are only a few days left here in January. So let’s see. What should we do in February?

  • 28-day handstand challenge
  • 28 days of working out. Preferably P90X3, but snowboarding can substitute if I ride hard
  • 12 split-specific days of stretching, 20 minimum total stretching days
  • 28 days of blogging
  • 28 days of writing lab assignments
  • Set up private and find my place in PDP with the L’Ru ladies

I’d go on, but I’m sure that’s ENOUGH! Just goals. I’m going to aim for them but I’m not going to beat myself up over missing any of them. Maybe blogging, but not the others because these are lofty goals. I swear a goal should be to clean the house top to bottom, but boy is that not fun. It isn’t even that it’s so dirty, just dusty mainly, but that’s gonna have to wait until a warm day where I can open windows and not be a dust-sneezing monster. I’m not entirely sure why this house has so much dust, but it does. It’s literally dusty within an hour after cleaning. Air ducts need cleaned much? Probably. Are we going to pay for that in a rental? No. And neither will the owners so we just have a dusty house.

You know how I enjoy my morning chats with you four, but the time has come for me to get a move on. Happy Hump Day!

ROCO Friday – The Half Payday (New) Edition

Who doesn’t love a little N.E. Heartbreak? Also, WIN! Video posted in blog!

Most of this week I was just aching to find out if, with the new promotion, they would throw me a bone and pay me for two weeks of new job money. Of course they did not. But hey, I’m still moving on up. And on that note, I don’t understand why it is that when I update my LinkedIn saying I got a promotion is when I get an influx of calls from recruiters. So backwards. If I had lost my job, I wouldn’t get one call. (Totally not true, but trying to make a point here.) They’re interesting to talk to though. Wednesday I got a call from a corporate recruiter who was really blunt about asking me info about where I work and what I do and how much money I make. In turn, I decided to return the favor. Her position was downtown so that’s an automatic no thank you in my book, particularly since I’m currently only 10 minutes away from work and getting downtown could take an hour. Since she was cool talking money, I asked her the range on her position. Caps out at $17k less than I’m currently making. Ummmm, I’m good on that, but send me your contact info because those things are good to have. If you’re looking for an IT job that is SQL based plus troubleshooting, let me know. I have leads for you. 🙂

Did I mention TGIF? ROCO Friday? End of the week? Get on down to party town? Anything else cheesy and cliche I can add here? As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it’s been a long week and I am ready to strap this piece of fiberglass/wood/metal to my feet and go rocketing down a mountain in the snow. I will be jumping comfortably by the end of this season!

I’m out of things to say for today. I’d like to know what you think. Is this a good length for a blog post? Too short? Certainly not too long. Do you blog? If so, what do you base your post length on? Happy Friday and ROCO!!

It Was The Best Of Times

It was the worst of times. Not classic books. Not classic rock. I’m talking about these twenty minutes  on the foam roller. OMG OUCH! Yep, I’m paying today for snowboarding without stretching on Saturday and also not following up that riding day with hot tub time (machine). No one to blame but myself, and I’m pointing that finger pretty hard this morning. This morning where I have the hips of,gasp, a 40 year old! Or maybe it’s just that I have beast quads and I just need to get the scar tissue broken up in them. Either way, I probably need help. Like a yoga chair. It’s high on the list.

Today officially starts this new job era for me. I’m partially looking forward to it, partially dreading it, and totally looking forward to my first paycheck. The fun never ends when you just aren’t sure when that’ll happen. Granted, I know that it will for certain by the end of the month, but will they break me off a little sumthin sumthin before that? You just never know here in ye olde Corporate America. Makes me wish, every now and again, that I could just skip it all and go back to bartending. Ah, that fun. Definitely where I’m at my best when I can smartmouth you and you’re gonna take it because you want your drink. No, wait, you want the drink that I made for you because, well, I’m a kickass bartender. But, reality struck (Better find out before your time’s out, what the f!%$!!) and real jobs happened and now I have too much stuff to go back. First world problems.

I think I’ll start openly talking about girl issues here. Why? Well, because it’s my blog and I don’t think that any of my 4 readers are male. You’ll have to make a comment down below if you are indeed male and then perhaps I will scale back the vagina monologues. But until then, I was so sad last week because I had started working out and I still felt as though I was the size of a bounce house. Fortunately, I came to the realization that I was just bloated from that wonder of nature that we ladies experience but I can’t wait to stop experiencing either by menopause (too long to wait) or surgical intervention (when I think I could find 3 weeks where I could sit still to recover). Man, you’d think my life is a lot rougher than it is. (I know I have it good. A lot better than some others. I’m not complaining. Much.)

At almost two weeks into the new year – where it alternates between feeling like January should be over already and it should be somewhere around the second day of the month – I’ve actually surprised myself by getting in here and writing down something, even if it’s only a few sentences, every day so far. 21 days creates a habit right? Or is that 30? And is it same time, same place? Ah well, I’ll just stick with being happy that we’re two weeks in and I’m still writing. My money is in the jar for the 52 week challenge. I’m working out. I’m stretching. I jumped (off of a very small jump) on my snowboard. 2014 is going well. The only thing where I’m falling behind is a latecomer to the ‘things I want to do’ party. I want to get a short story down once a week. By the end of the year, I’ll have an anthology of sorts. Dirty stories. Because they’re the easiest to write. But people are still out there reading Penthouse forum, so I bet they’ll read this.

Well, the time to get moving is upon us. Or at least, it’s upon me. Let’s get out there and get it in week three of the year. This week looks like two Zumba classes, a FabPole class, more working out, more stretching, and snowboarding on the weekend. How’s it looking for you?