Recently seen/heard in an office

This item is sitting on a desk:


Person A is sitting at the desk and Person B arrives to Person A's desk.

B: Blah, blah, blah, blah (picks up ball)

A: Nodding politely

B: (bouncing ball) Hey, where did you get this?

A: The office supply store.

B: Really?  And it came just like this? (Still bouncing)

A: Yes, it's a rubber band ball.

B: Huh.  And it came just like this?

A: Yes.

B: (bouncing) This is neat!  What's it for?

A: It's a rubber band ball.  You know, in case you need a rubber band.

B: (stops bouncing) OH!  It's like an actual office supply.  Gee, and I'm sitting here bouncing it like it's a toy.

A: Uh, yeah.

There's genius at work here people!

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13 thoughts on “Recently seen/heard in an office

  1. GREAT!!! Though I must say the first time I saw one of those at someone's desk I was in complete awe… (tee-hee) Some of us are morond for office supplies 😉

  2. I have one of those rubber band balls. Got it at Home Depot for $2.99. It inspires all sorts of comments. No one has ever gone so far as to bounce it, though. Most of my coworkers already know what a rubber band ball is. 😛

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